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Scandal: Milan owner hired detectives
Source According to media, AC Milan hired private detectives to pursue journalists and investigate staff at the club for a period from February to March this year. Football Italia today writes that AC Milan's former owner Yonghong Li investigated four journalists from various Italian media using private detectives he ordered from Carpinvest. The media also claims that it was not only journalists, but also employees within the club that the owner got examined. According to the media La Repubblica, last month in Milan for Li was a hell of fear of being discovered in lack of funds, allegedly giving the owner paranoia over the possibilities of leaked information from the club's internal circles. The reason why the situation only becomes publicly known, according to the media, is that former director of the club, Marco Fassone, is now suing the club when he believes that the firing of him was not justified. Marco Fassone: Source The report, which describes the situation, also mentions the names and employers of the investigated journalists. Apparently, the studies were conducted by Enrico Curro and Luca Pagni from La Repubblica, Carlo Festa from Il Sole 24 Ore and Tobia De Stefano from di Libero. Phone recordings with four employees in Telecom Italia were also examined. The four employees at the company were Agata Frigerio, Giuseppe Mangiarano, Giovanna Zian and Angela Zucca. The persecution of the journalists took place during the period 19 February to 2 March. However, the journalists were not alone in being persecuted. In Lis's quest not to leak, directors and senior executives in the club were also asked to hand over computers, phones and tablets for examination, while their offices were scanned for interception equipment. The new owners of the club, Elliot Management, were reportedly only acquainted with the situation, as a bill of more than 57,000 US Dollars checked in from Carpinvest. The bill, according to the media, caused great confusion among the owners who took over the club when Li could not pay his debt to just Elliot Management.