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Kaiserslautern crisis becoming serious - all lost?
Sad story - Kaiserslautern in tears since years (Source) My home club - 1. FC Kaiserslautern (1st FC Kaiserslautern), 4 time German Football Champion is in a financially precarious situation which some of you may know. Sad but true - the time is over for this club based on various reasons I fear but the remaining team there is still fighting (or talking). How should the insolvency be prevented? They still have gallows humour in Kaiserslautern.The club's annual general meeting recently began with the Abba song lines "I have a dream...I believe in angels". The Red Devils hope for saving angels. Betzenberg Stadium in Kaiserslautern (Source) Not only for sporting reasons is this appropriate - after 19 games the traditional club from the Palatinate occupies tenth place in the 3rd league, the original goal for the season, promotion, is probably over - however the new manager still thinks it is doable, nonsense to me. Much more dramatic than the current table is the financial situation. More and more worrying sentences can be heard these days around the Betzenberg. Sentences like "Now it's time to get down to business" or "Soon the lights will go out in Lautern". The FCK must fear the worst, it threatens the insolvency. The bare figures, which were revealed to the members, show how bad the traditional club is. By the deadline for submitting the licence documents on 1 March, the club will have to raise around twelve million euros. 6.7 million euros are for the repayment of a fan bond. Five million euros are lacking in liquid funds. The annual total budget is 15 million euros. Of this, five million euros must be paid to the city for the stadium rent. And exactly this money is missing in all other areas. Back to the sports part - the distance to a direct ascent place is enormous. Nevertheless, coach Sascha Hildmann still believes in the goal of the second league as he thinks the team has great potential - oh well, never give up Red Devils!

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