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Harry Kane will return for the second leg of the Champions League
Image Source Tottenham and Dortmund are about to meet in the first round Champions League Round 16. This is a game where Spurs have a home advantage with the disadvantage of not having Harry Kane on the front line. But in the latest announcement, Tottenham's main striker will be back in the second leg match between the two teams. Tottenham will not have the services of Alli and Harry Kane against Dortmund. However, in the return match, the duo will definitely return. According to information shared on the Telegraph page, Tottenham said the duo will officially return in the second leg match between the two teams. This is information that cannot be more fun for Spurs fans. Harry Kane suffered a left ankle injury in the match against United at round 22 of the Premier League and is expected to be out for six weeks. Meanwhile, Dele Alli also had a hamstring injury in a 2-1 victory over Fulham. With those absences, Tottenham's current attack is just in the hopes of Son Heung-min, Lamela in scoring goals for Tottenham. The return match between the two teams will take place on March 6. The match against Dortmund tonight is definitely the waiting match between the two teams that favor the attacking play. Remember Dortmund this season is playing very well in the Bundesliga with the top spot on the table and 5 points more than Bayern. Therefore, the challenge is for Spurs in 2 rounds of going and about 1/8 of the Champions League is very big. Yesterday, a representative of English football MU received a 0-2 defeat when receiving PSG at home.