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Real Madrid scored the least goal in 34 years
SOURCE Real Madrid have 1.44 goals per game with 18 games and 26 goals this season. It was the lowest score per game for 34 years after 1.35 goals per game (34 games, 46 goals) in 1984/85, Real Madrid have been having a tough season this season when they suffer from poor scoring in the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga). Real is shaking. Real came to fifth in the 18 games with 9 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses and 30 points. The season's six-game winning streak is the tallest in the last 10 years (2014/15 and last season's Real lost 6). He is still not half of the season, so he scored 13 points and 38 points in 38 games. It has been the lowest since the 1999/2000 season (62 points) and the highest since the 1973/74 season 13 loss. So what's the biggest problem with Real? The team is on goal. Real has only scored 26 goals in 18 games and has only 1.44 goals per game. It is the lowest score in 34 years after 1.35 goals per game (34 games, 46 goals) in 1984/85, and it is the lowest score in the team's 5th min. Of course, the runner is also a lot of 23 goals, but the team has traditionally been a stronger offense than defense. Considering this, it can be said that the slump of Real in this season is connected with the sluggishness of score soon. After all, there was a lot of concern before the start of this season. Cristiano Ronaldo left the squad early in the season. Except for one Ronaldo, none of the players left the main field. However, he failed to reinforce the vacant players, and his vacancy was revealed. Since joining Real in the summer of 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 31.1 goals in Real for nine seasons, an average of 34.6 goals per season and 9.7 points in help. This is an average of 44.2 attack points per season. In other words, Ronaldo was directly responsible for 1.16 goals per game. The Real Madrid team scored 2.81 goals in nine seasons with Ronaldo. It is now 1.37 goals, compared to the time when Ronaldo was at 1.37 goals. In addition, he pointed out that the reduction of team goals is more important than the increase in team runs, but it is undeniable that Ronaldo has been shaken by his departure. This can easily be confirmed in the record. Real allowed Ronaldo an average of 37.4 points per season during his nine seasons. This is equivalent to 0.99 points per game. But he is giving out 1.28 runs per game to his opponent this season. The best defense is attack. If our team is strong enough to attack, the opponent team will have to spend time defending it. As Ronaldo disappeared, his opponents, less defensive, are more aggressively threatening Real Madrid's goals. The Cristiano Ronaldo effect can be seen in direct comparison with the previous season of Ronaldo and the time of Cristiano Ronaldo. Real had 83 points and 52 runs in the 2008/09 season. Ronaldo played Real in the nine seasons with an average of 106.7 points and 37.4 runs per season. Only last season (94 points) was the last time Real did not score 100 goals in 9 seasons. However, the team scoring this season has been far less than the 2008/09 season before Ronaldo added. This season he scored 55 goals and scored 49 points in 38 games for the season. The run-off point is slightly better than the 2008/09 season, but the scoring problem is serious. Even in the 2008/09 season there were players like Raul Legend Raul, Gonzalo Higuain, Arjen Robben and Rafael van der Vaart, and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar was backed up. However, now the current season, 2016/17 season, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, who is suffering from frequent injuries, are in charge of the center of the offensive. In other words, in order for Real to move away from the current slump, it is necessary to recruit a forward capable of scoring. Currently, Real's team score is the worst in the club history. Even this season, Barcelona and Sevilla, as well as Levante and Celta Vigo are scoring more goals than Real. On the other hand, they only allowed three more goals than Barcelona. Considering this point, it is also difficult to raise the rankings without overcoming the scoring problem. It is no exaggeration to say that Van der Vaart ' "I can not replace a player who scored an average of 40 goals in every season, but of course he will miss Ronaldo, and what he did in Real was really crazy" Real clubs Minimum score per game per season TOP 5 1.32 goals per game (1972/73) 1.33 goals per game (1930/31) 1.35 goals per game (1984/85) 1.42 goals per game (1973/74) 1.44 goals per game (2018/19) Real clubs Top scorers per season by season TOP 5 3.18 goals per game (2011/12) 3.11 goals per game (2014/15) 3.07 goal per game (1959/60) 2.97 goals per game (1958/59) 2.97 goals per game (1960/61)