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Kepa Refused Substitution- Did The Chelsea Shot Stopper Breaks FIFA Rule?
image Last weekend was a very hectic one for Chelsea staff as they took on Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final which they lost in a penalty shootout. But the match will not go down without talking about the infamous incident that transpired between Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri and his keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga when the keeper undermined the power of the head coach and decision makers( staff). These thrown a debate open among fans lovers and pundit on whose was a fault in the whole scenario and the extent of the coach authority. Within 3 minutes to the end of the extra time after the both sides saw each other to a 0-0 draw, Kepa was on the ground for the second time in the game in what looks like an injury after saving an Aguero’s shot. After examining the situation at hand, Maurizio Sarri thought it wise that the keeper come out for the second choice keeper Willy Caballero but Kepa signal that he was fine and refused to be replaced even after the electronic board was already up from the fourth official. image There have been some incidences where players refused to be substituted including the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. Though these separated incidences didn’t make much headline like what we have at hand was based on the fact that the coaches involved in their respective cases understood the players’ eagerness to stay on the pitch and the players didn’t go about making it a misunderstanding. This incidence has made Kepa to lose his spot with Sarri. It may be a temporarily punishment to tell him that the boss is always the boss which resulted in Kepa being drop to the bench in a big match against Tottenham few days ago but Caballero wonderful performance in that match as well as keeping Chelsea clean sheet will remain a high point for Sarri to think of, if to continue with Caballero or not. And if Maurizio Sarri should consider continuing with the Argentina international, the Kepa may be in for a big time off the pitch. However, a lot of Chelsea players have played down the incident to be a mere misunderstanding between the coach and the keeper and that it will not affect keepers being featured in match in the long run. FIFA Rule We all know the FIFA is the highest governing body of the round leather game all over the world and is in charge of making rules about the game of football on and off the pitch. The FIFA law 3 rules deals precisely with the event that transpired above about the number of players in a football match says ‘’ if a player who is about to be replaced, refuses to leave the field of play, play continue’’ This ultimately shows that Kepa in no way broke the FIFA rules when he declined to be substituted last Sunday but the incidence is a big one when you view it from the point that its a big embarrassment to the coach and disrespect to the club and hierarchy on a world stage. Kepa has since being fined by Chelsea to the turn of $190,000 which is his week wage at the club. The question which now come to mind if it the FIFA rule is really appropriate considering the fact that the head coach has the authority to substitute players as he dimed fit once the name of the player to be substituted is submitted to the fourth official, then it is the responsibility of the referee to walk the player out of the pitch. With this event, player a given some authority over the coach which can spell doom for the development of the game as we now see some players being god in a club or rather has attain a big status in a club.

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