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English Football League Leeds v Derby Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
The premier league is over and there would not be any more matches until the new season. While the teams in the EPL are finally given a rest from the long and hard league they found themselves in, the lower league do not find themselves in such levels of comfort. This is especially true of the playoffs. As we all would know, the first two teams in the championship stage would get to be promoted automatically while the remaining four teams would participate in a playoff game in order for the third team to be found. For these two teams here, it all boils down to this one game. It would be interesting to see how they would react to the pressure. Source Leeds Leeds would curse their luck this season. Slightly better standings would have ensured that they made it through to promotion without the rigors of the playoffs. They finished the season in 3rd place with a total of 83 points. They found themselves short of 2nd place by about 6 points. Their rewards for their rewards is a place in the playoffs against a Derby team who is no doubt excited to be here. Leeds would want to strengthen their hopes of heading into promotion and this match is surely a must win for them. However, do not expect Derby County to go down that easily. Derby County Derby County would be pleased with what they have achieved this season. With Middlesbrough breathing down their necks until the very last game, they were able to just sneak into the playoffs. Their final position in the league was 6th and they managed to amass 74 points in total. They were two points off 5th placed Aston Villa and one point ahead of the next team. They would be looking forward to the playoffs with determination as they would fancy an upset when they meet Leeds in the playoffs. Source Form The form of both teams would surely contribute to their confidence on the pitch. Leeds have been in woeful form and would be gutted at how their campaign ended. However, a first leg win against Derby County away from home would give them the confidence of their ability to seal the deal when they meet tomorrow in Leeds. While they can be confident of their chances, they would also be hoping that there are no issues of complacency in their team when they meet with Derby County. They have managed to win just twice in the last six games. The remaining matches ended in three losses and a draw in what has been hard times for Leeds. Derby County, on the other hand, has managed to win three games out of the last six games that they have played. The remaining matches have ended up in two draws and a loss. Source The first leg ended in favor of Leeds but Derby County would be gunning to change that in this second tie. Promotion is what is at stake. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!