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Premier League: Predictions for Everton vs Leicester City matches
At week 21 of the premier league, Everton will host Leicester city at the stadium at Goodison Park. These two teams, performed very poorly for the last match yesterday. Everton were slaughtered 1-0 by Brighton. While Leicester City also lost when they met Cardiff city 1-0 at the weekend. On December 23 yesterday, Everton were also in the eggs of Tottenham Hotspur 6-2, even in Everton's last five matches to appear quite bad. Three defeats and two draws. The meeting with Leicester this time at home is a moment to improve the quality of the team. However, Everton are required to improve their defense to be able to bring home three perfect points and can avoid degradation. While Leicester City itself will certainly not remain silent in facing this match. They are also ambitious to win by presenting their best squad. At the end of the match yesterday, Leicester had just beaten the English giants, Cheslea 0-1 at home. This match will have the potential to win on Leicester city. Because the appearance of the two teams is very siding with Leicester. Although a little heavy to be able to damage the Everton defense. But this match is enough to convince Leicester to be more favored. Head to Head Everton vs Leicester City In five meetings between the two teams, Everton were far superior to Leicester city. Everton has recorded 3 times, and 2 defeats. This means, the last meeting of the two teams, Leicester only managed to record two wins and 3 defeats. While in the last five Everton games, only recorded three defeats and two draws. It's a pretty bad reputation this season. Losing when meeting Liverpool 1-0, losing to Manchester city 3-1, losing when they met Tottenham Hotspur 2-6. Draw when meeting Newcastle 1-1, and imabang when meeting Wardford 2-2. While in the last five matches Leicester are slightly better than Everton. Everton only recorded one victory, twice lost and twice held in a draw. Win only when meeting Chelsea 1-0. Lost when meeting Tottenham 2-0, and lost to Crystal Place 0-2. While a draw when meeting Fulham 1-1 and when meeting Manchester city 1-1. From the analysis of meetings and performance of the two teams. It seems that Leicester City performed better in the last five games compared to Everton who experienced significant changes in the last five matches. However, this match will take place fiercely and attack each other to defend their respective defenses. My prediction is Everton 0-1 Leicester City. What do you think?