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Serbia - Lithuania match preview
After annihilation against Ukraine two days ago Serbian national squad is facing Lithuania tonight at 20 45 CET. Coach of national squad Mladen Krstajic, for who a lot of people think is just a puppet of president of Football Association Slavisa Kokeza and various managers, said that this annihilation was good source for learning and slap across the face, but life goes on and he does not think about resignation. Life is going on to fast he said because today Serbia is playing Lithuania at home. Yesterday president of Football Association Slavisa Kokeza held something what he called press conference. I call it monologue in front of journalists, because no one of them could ask any question. LoL I wonder if such press conference can be held in some more developed country ? I bet not. He offered apologize to nation and between lines announce that Lithuania is last chance for Krstajic to hold his position. So win is a must. Knowing how he is working I am pretty sure that he already sacked Krstajic, but could not announce new coach because next game come in few days. Rumors are saying that new coach will be ex Red Star player Dragan Stojkovic - Pixi. Game will be in front of empty stadium, because of UEFA ban, but that is another story. Serbian portals did not share information why UEFA banned Serbia to play on empty stadium and what kind of crime we did in game against Portugal ?I could not found any explanation for ban on UEFA web site. If you can find it please share with me. As one ex ref thief here said to player once after disallowing regular goal "I don't know what you did, but I see in your eyes you did something wrong!" LoL I guess UEFA saw something in our eyes too. LoL How can unexplained ban be valid ? LoL It looks like everything is possible in that closed secret deeply corrupted organisation. Lithuanian coach said that Serbia is not just squad who lose 5:0 against Ukraine, but one who played draw with Germany and Portugal. He hopes they will have brave attack and maybe get something from this game. Serbian official coach Krstajic said that he is not ready to reveal "our secrets" to opponents. He did not share information if Aleksandar Mitrovic is ready for game or if he plans to change something in hist catastrophic formation 3-4-1-2 with 1 defensive midfield player which he made for Ukraine. He just said that we are playing against squad we are better from and that we need win and come back to winning ways. Historically Serbia did not have much problems when play against Lithuania in football, they played in same group in National League and Serbia won both legs. Everything except Serbian victory here would be something like meteor hitting stadium Rajko Mitic. If we don't win some heads will go down and official coach is first and I hope not the last on list. Some people say this is lose-lose situation because if we win we might have Krstajic for rest of qualifications which is bad and if we lose we will have new coach, but zero chance to qualify for Euro. Some portals are saying it is even good because we play on empty stadium because if not crowd would booo to players all the time and make them big pressure under which they would feel worse than playing game away. LoL My conclusion is that there is no doubt that Serbia has better players than Lithuania, but with bad coach and wrong tactic everything is possible. Players like Tadic, Mitrovic, Jovic, Ljajic, Kostic, Gacinovic, Nastasic, Maksimovic, Kolarov should win this game. My prediction is 3:1 for Serbia.

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