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Qualifying tournament of FIFA Futsal World Cup starts today. Preview
Today and tomorrow group tournaments of the preliminary round of the World Futsal Championship start. At this stage 32 teams joined the fight. They were divided into eight quartets, from each of them the two best teams will continue their way to the world forum in the main round, where they are joined by more rated Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia , France, Russia, Croatia, Portugal and the Czech Republic. But the main round is the business of a distant future (or rather, October 2019). Now we are stocking up tickets for the preliminary round matches. And they are not very expensive - for example, on a gaming day (for two matches) in the capital of Belarus - Minsk - tickets cost 2-3 rubles (1-1.5 US dollars). Those who can not personally attend in the Minsk sports complex "Uruchye", can watch the matches on the TV channel "Belarus-5". By the way, it is also broadcast on the Internet: Groups are as follows: The hosts of their groups are the following countries: Latvia, Belarus, Macedonia, Georgia, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Moldova. From the point of view of political clashes, it is probably interesting to arrive in Macedonia (or how was it renamed there at the request of Greece?) Of Greece and Albania itself. From a sporting point of view, group G seems to be strong, with Holland, Montenegro, the mistress of the tournament Bulgaria and Estonia. Recall that the World Championships under the auspices of FIFA will be held from September 12 to October 4, 2020 in Lithuania.

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