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Happy Moan Day Jorgen Klopp, Could This Be A Curse? Let's Break It
The English barclays premier league ended last week and the last day witnesses a lot of drama. The race between Manchester City and Liverpool finally comes to and end as Liverpool lost the league trophy to Manchester City despite winning their last game against Wolvehampton. Liverpool were in better position to win the league before the Citizens overtook them and it has always be the battle of a point. Source I personally never believe Liverpool will not win the trophy until the last day and that makes the league to be more competitive than any other league as far as I am concern. Despite the fact that Liverpool lost just a match throughout the whole season in the league, yet they failed to secure the trophy at the end. The question now goes thus; Does it mean that Jorgen Klopp is a bad luck when it comes to winning trophy? He had the chance of winning the champions league last season before losing the final to Real Madrid. Though many people will still hold the fact that Liverpool had a good season under the services of Klopp both in the Champions League and in the league because they had a great comeback against Barcelona which was really had to believe and they also fight till the final day in the league but when it comes to evaluating a team like Liverpool who has really won some important matches this season and loosing just a match in the league, I think winning trophy should be one of those criterias All Liverpool needed on the final day is a draw or loose for Manchester City at Brighton as they hosted Wolverhampton at home. Manchester City is on 95 points while Liverpool is on 94 points before their last game respectively. There was a great feeling of elation at anfield when the citizens were down by 1 goal to Brighton but that never last longer as City came from behind to score 4 beautiful goals to win Brighton 4-1. Sadio Mane was on target twice for Liverpool as they defeated Wolverhampton 2-0 at home but that is not enough for them to overtake Manchester City to the title. Both teams finished the league with 98 and 97 points respectively. Jorgen Klopp would had return the glory back to anfield in many years if not for the outstanding performance of the citizens in the league. It's really a nightmare and Moan day for Klopp as a manager who has done everything hard to make Liverpool a real title contender with the best attacking force in the league and the best defensive line. They really had what it takes to be champion but luck wasn't on their side and they will have to wait for another season now to fight again for the title. To some teams in the league, the season has come to an end but for Liverpool it is not, they still have the Champions League final at hand against Tottenham Hotspur and they are favourite to win it but this is a game of soccer, so we can't just rule Tottenham out of this race so Klopp need to make sure he did everything possible to win the champion league for the reds and that will make their season a great one. According to Mohammed Sarah against Barcelona in the Champions League 2nd leg at anfield, he says and I quote Never give up So don't give up Klopp, This is my entry for the happy moan day contest organized by @pete, you can also join through this link I hope you find this post interesting and educating, until then, I remain my humble self @Oxygen02. Thanks For Reading 👍