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Tottenham eliminated City in memorable game
In one of the best and dramatic game in Champions League of all time Tottenham Hotspur managed to eliminate Manchester City after losing with result 4:3. Poch sent out the strongest squad in absence of H.Kane Lloris, Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertongen, Rose, Wanyama, Eriksen, Sissoko, Dele Ali, Son, Lucas. I was delighted with fact that he did not put Llorente from the start as Spurs should search for quick counter attacks which can't be done with tall and clumsy Llorente. Game started with big electricity and dangerous attacks where City exploited all holes in Spurs defense mainly on flanks where D.Rose was no match to stop Bernando Silva. After breach over right Spurs side on Trippier Sterling was left enough space to shoot, Trippier and Alderweireld were to far away from him and City lead with 1:0. At that time I thought Spurs will end up similar like Chelsea at Ethihad, but Son did not think that way. He scored two quick goals for 1:2 for Spurs mercilessly exploited mistakes made by City defense. I got turn around in head thinking now that Spurs are already in the semi final. While Son had some luck at first goal where the ball came under leg of City goalkeeper, second was pure skill. To get rid of City player like that and to shot like he did can only real world class player! Then Rose came on big stage as City soon equalized to 2:2 and soon after take a lead of 3:2. One of those goals was unlucky deflection of Rose where the ball sneak in goal under Ugo Lloris. Other day Ugo would save that shot for sure. It looked like City had momentum in the game. After so many goals (the most in champions league history in so quick period of time) things settled a bit and game entered in some peaceful phase. Then Sissoko got injured and Poch on my disbelief sent clumsy Llorente in the game! I must be honest and say that I was astonished and starting to wonder if he is crazy. What kind of counter attack Spurs can make with him ? Why to move goal scorer of 2 goals Son away from goal when this is his game ? Wtf was going on ? I saw only hope in Lloris and miracle clean sheet in second half which I knew will be hard against City. In second half things were calm with Spurs unable to make good counter attack. Just when they almost did it when Son was stopped in last moment, and they have one good attempt too Kun Aguero finally run away from Spurs defense and fired a bomb shot in closer to Ugo part of goal which hit the net. I still feel that world class goalkeeper as Ugo should really deflect that but it was close range and strong shot. Other day he would save that. Now with 4:2 I was in bad mood again thinking about 5th or 6th goal for city and swearing on Poch for bringing Llorente in. I just said "If that clumsy clown score a goal I will...." and I didn't finish sentence and then that corner came. While I was thinking what I am going to do if Llorente scores cross from corner came and Llorente jumped and scored a goal with his hip! VAR discovered truth that he did not use hand but his hip and Guardiola protests were denied by Turkish referee. What a goal! Madness between 2700 Spurs fans on Ethihad and priceless disbelief faces of City fans and their rough playing abuser coach Guardiola. Priceless! I must be honest about Llorente. He might not be world class player, he might be clumsy with the ball, but his passes improved and he is trying hard to play good. When you are trying hard luck reward you. He deserved that goal for his hard efforts. He became hero of the night! Then I was astonished with Eriksen's overpotent behaviour. World class player like he is allowed water to come in his ears and let over potency to overcome him and something which should be dangerous counter attack he ruined by poor attempt to score a goal from center of the field !? Instead of leading goal looking counter attack he shot at goal from center. I don't know what he was thinking to be like Beckham or what, but that move made me very angry. Rest of the game was chest to chest fight where Ugo finally denied some good shoots from City players.Then Eriksen came on big stage again as antihero. 92th minute he got the ball on his own half, instead of shooting it far away from goal and to clear he started to dribble and then passed back straight to City player who made chance and City scored a goal for 5:3. Guardiola started to jump happy on the bench, Spurs players were on the grass in disbelief, Ethihad erupted. I was thinking how I would punch him (Eriksen) with open hand all night long for this non league soccer move and assist for goal, but VAR said NO GOAL! I still don't know the reason was it offside, foul or what but goal was denied and dirty rough play abuser Guardiola was calmed down! In rest of heart attack minutes Spurs managed to save result to 4:3.Then once referee made final whistle Poch has gone mad with his coaching stuff jumping and screaming near sideline while Guardiola escaped in darkness of dressing room without his jacket. LoL I am very happy for you Guardiola because all finished like this on cruel VAR way because your rough playing injured H.Kane, Dele Ali and Sissoko! I hope title race will end up for you just like this! For the end I must say that I am not big fan of Spurs wing backs Rose or Trippier, they make mistakes, but they are also trying hard to improve like Llorente and that they deserved this win too. Loved when Rose stepped on Fernandinho's foot in second half for all he did in first leg for all his dirty fouls on Hary Kane! If I know Rose I would offer him a beer for that! Cheers!

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