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Even the dead could feel the trauma Julen passed through last week's Monday which turned out to be a moan day for him after receiving severe trashing from Spanish arch rival Barcelona the day before. Now he is without a club, just like a captain without a ship. Before I journey ahead, this article is written in reference to @pete moan day blog and its all about fails, goofs, losers, muffs, falls just for fun. This has also been the initiative of our amiable host and organizer @pete and on his side are our weekly & adorable guest judges. Thanks for the time and SCR involved. This is an opportunity every pro-badge aspirant shouldn't miss. Hit the link to be part of the fun. The enormous defeat which Real Madrid received from Barcelona on their first leg El clasico encounter for the 2018/19 campaign really felt like a drunk husband battering his wife. The occasion felt like an armoured tank crushing into a tricycle. You wouldn't want to imagine the scar it'll leave on the tricycle, let alone the driver. Lopetegui was left with a humiliating scar after Barcelona crashed into them last Sunday. Following the exit of Zinadine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid found it difficult to stand against all odds thereby making the introduction of Coach Lopetegui Julen and a futile event. From the start of the season, Lopetegui has been in charge, but oversaw a terrible start to the league which made them languish at the ninth position in the table as of then. Spending 140days with the Galacticos, Julen Lopetegui could simply just boast of 14 league goals as well as 14points in league table. He was relieved of duty last weeks Monday, following his el clasico loss. Real Madrid Castilla coach and former player Santiago Solari took charge after Julen exit. Real Madrid's statement says the decision was taken, "in a bid to change the run of results that the team was in, with all the team's season objectives still achievable". Fans has heavily criticized the take over of Solari and tweeted on how he uses players wrongly. He plays strikers as wingers, wingers as mid-fielders and so on. How can this man restore the lost dignity of the Galacticos? Well you never can tell how good his plans and style of play could work for them as they picked a home win last weekend against Valladolid. However, Julan's fate rests on his shoulder, not mine. Before the 2018 world cup in Russia commenced, a day or two before, he withdrew or rather was sacked from the Spanish team . Thanks to that effect he wasn't blamed for Spain's ridiculous exit. I've always seen Lopetegui as a zealous coach but it seems Real Madrid was a tougher challenge for him unlike FC Porto. He must have reasoned that Madrid is an already made team therefore putting in less effort to his work Alas, it ended in a moan. An Encouragement word from me, " At the end of every dark tunnel come the shinning light". You'll soon fly high Lopetegui. Thanks For Reading...