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Analysis of the soccer market objectives of the SSC Napoli
Napoli seems very active in this windows of the transfer market. Despite the fact that I think the players currently playing on Napoli are doing a great season - we are 2nd in Serie A and finished 3rd in Uefa Champions League with the same points of Liverpool - some improvement could be done. In fact, Aurelio De Laurentiis, together with Ancelotti and Giuntoli, are looking some interesting young player to insert. Players very interesting in my opinion and with ample room for growth and today with this post I want to let you know them. Nicolò Barella Source: YT Barella is one of the greatest in Italy. He's a midfielder with a strong physique and a remarkable vision of the game. He could be the lighthouse of this Napoli that in that role to date presents a Hamsik at the sunset of his career, not able to grant high-level performance in a role that was adapted to him by Ancelotti and that was not his. The problem to buy him is the considerable cost and the important inclusion by Chelsea for Sarri's choice. Hamed Junior Traore Source: YT I already mentioned this guy two or three times. He impressed me and he is only 18 years old. His strength is speed, physique, a vision of the game and so much personality. He already cost around 15 million, that's why it is difficult for clubs to buy him. He showed a lot this season but he's very young and it's only his first season in Serie A. But I am totally impressed from him and I am sure whoever buys this guy will do the business of the century. Hirving Lozano Source: YT The heir of Mertens is said. If we watch the video above he looks like Mertens a lot. He is short in stature, fast, always points to one on one and is a wing. Mertens is 31, he is 23. That's why Napoli is watching with considerable interest in Holland again. I think he can be a good buy even if its evaluation is already very high. Maybe you could find better around (add 20 million and take Chiesa?) Agustin Almendra Source: YT I know him only for the video above. So not too much to say. From the video, he looks like Pastore to me. His valuation on Transfermrkt is 5 million, Boca is asking for 30 million. I could be wrong but at these prices, I would not even consider him because he has never even played in European leagues and the direct jump in Serie A for some may be important, for others devastating. Too risky, Napoli must focus on already established profiles or who have already demonstrated their talent in Italy or in Europe. Christian Kouamè Source: YT Less than sensational twists, he is the first player bought by Napoli in this window of football market. It will arrive in June by the way. He is doing very well with Genoa and his speed and physicality are impressive, I do not know if he is at the level of Napoli players but he can certainly become one. We'll see.

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