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Is Luis Suarez a good example for the kids?
Please don´t get me wrong, and don´t let the title mislead you. It´s not that I dislike Suarez, on the contrary I admire his passion and his hard work, you just don´t end up playing in Barcelona FC being a lazy ass. The guy is extremely competitive and hard working, and that is something to look up to. But what I don´t really like is the way he sometimes acts while under pressure. We all know about his biting incidents, a handful of them that made him infamous for his cheeky behaviour. I know, I know... we are humans and we are not perfect, we can and will make mistakes that we will regret later on. I just think that since he is on the spotlight all the time, and lots of kids from all around the world look up to him, he could act like a man leaving his childish nonsense behind and start being a proper role model for all those kids that admire him and want to be like him. I also don´t want to be too hard on him, he has done a lot of great things, and we should not leave the three bites ruin his image. Well... yeah he is quite a diver and sometimes all he wants is a penalty instead of scoring but hey, that´s soccer nowadays. I want to believe that Suarez is a lot more mature nowadays and that we are not going to see anymore bitings from him. He looks like he has gotten more serious and focused, and that is really good for him and for the sport. I may be wrong and he could be biting a shoulder in his next hot match but only time will tell. To wrap this up, my point is that football (soccer) players are like gods nowadays, society puts them in this godlike position and everyone admires their abilities and skills. Kids are no exception, they look up to their favorite players and want to be like them. So if you are in this position, wouldn´t you want to act like a man and be an example for all those kids from all over the globe that are watching every movement you make in the pitch?