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The Return Of Zidane, Is He The Messiah Madrid Have Been Looking For?
It's no longer news that the iconic Zinedine Zidane has staged a rather surprising comeback to the Santiago Bernabeu. However, his arrival have sparked off a mixture of questions and surprises, in the sense that many fans are wondering what could have pushed him to return to Real Madrid as a coach. Source No doubt, the Frenchman's former era as Los Blancos coach had seen the team exert unparalleled dominance in European football, hence, Real Went on to lift the UEFA champions league three times consecutively. Never has such feat been heard of in the history of the competition, but Zidane proved he could inspire the European Champions beyond their dreams. After defeating Liverpool in the last Champions league final, the French boss and former FIFA player of the year resigned from his coaching services for Madrid, and since then, the Club hasn't remained the same. With his resignation came Julen Lopetegui to continue from where Zidane stopped, but the demanding nature and standard left behind made Lopetegui's efforts look far below. With no Christiano Ronaldo to power the engine of the attack, the once glorious Real Madrid of Zidane's former era as a coach fell from the pinnacle and crashed like bitcoin. The last straw that broke the camel's back under Lopetegui was the humiliating 5-1 defeat Madrid suffered in the hands of their arch rivals Barcelona. Even without Messi, the European champions could not leave a scratch on the skin of Barcelona, and that defeat saw Julen Lopetegui fired. Then came the Argentine Santiago Solari as a caretaker manager. Though Solari had a good beginning and many thought he was the right replacement for Zidane, recent times have seen the Argentine Santiago appearing confused by the turnout of events. After he got the job as the manager, the team started experiencing the hard times that came knocking under Lopetegui, and it's been a disappointment season so far. With The European champions having been knocked out of the Champions league by Ajax in the round of 16, and also the fact that they are in no way hopeful of winning the league this season, the Madrid management have taken a bold step towards saving the team from further collapse. Thus, Solari got his marching orders and Zidane has been resigned as the new manager. Oh, before I forget, Madrid really have nothing to play for anymore this season, not even in the copa del rey. So I think it's the right time to start righting their wrongs. If I was asked about the possibility of Zidane's return to Real Madrid, I would have brushed it aside, trust me, I just didn't see it coming. The Frenchman hasfor some time now been linked with possible contract with Chelsea, considering how Sarri has been struggling to get the team moving. Maybe, I would have thought him to sign for any other club but certainly not Madrid. I mean, he bowed out when the ovation was high, why would he wanna comeback now that Madrid is suffocating. However, you can always expect anything from a top notch club like Real Madrid that only goes for high Class products, and of course, they have shown that they have what it takes to upturn unlikely events. Florentino Perez has been under serious criticism after allowing Zidane and Christiano Ronaldo to leave the club. The current situation of the club have made Madrid fans to call for his resignation, maybe signing Zidane will help calm the atmosphere and show that he is ready to make amends. You can only imagine the effort The President must have put into convincing the Legendary figure to return to the Bernabeu, but the duo have always had a cordial relationship, and that must have gone a long way in the negotiation. With both sharing the welfare and betterment of the club as their passion, it may not have been a herculean task as many would think. It's been eight months since Zidane resigned, and I believe he is not happy with the current quagmire of his former club. During the unveiling ceremony, Zidane said “The team needed a change in order to keep winning." That's to show how passionate he is in finding a way to deliver the European champions. While many see the return of Zidane as a Messianic return, Some other fans believe his return is wrong step and may end up swallowing his good records in the club. Do you think Zidane can still lead Madrid out of their current tsunami? Lemme hear your thought.