Soccer / mafia

"I feel like a dog for four years" former Juventus Striker was sentenced to Two years in prison
2006 World Champion for the first time come to court in the year 2015. Then he was accused of having a firearm and having ties with the mafia of Calabria, Ndrangheta. Vincenzo Iaquinta case investigation of which lasted for three years, but the punishment in such cases was announced only now. Vincenzo Iaquinta has been sentenced to 2 years in prison in the case of possession of firearms and the mafia syndicate. Ndrangheta, Omerta & Iaquinta Ndrangheta gang is one of the most powerful criminals in the world. In 2007, its revenue is estimated at 47 billion euros. During the last 10 years, influence and wealth grew exponentially. This criminal organization involved in drug trafficking, particularly cocaine importer, became the largest in Europe. But, in addition, they also have a legal business. Now the Ndrangheta is essentially a global company. The Government of Italy has been fighting the Mafia over the years. In the year 2017, a total of 116 members of the Ndrangheta was arrested at once. Under the draconian action like that Iaquinta likely family teribat. In particular, his father, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Vincenzo himself given just two years. Of course, we would never have heard the confession in which the abuser will tell about its membership in the Ndrangheta mafia. Why? The fact is that in this there is a grouping called Omerta-an unwritten law, which requires members to keep quiet about the Organization's activities "Ndrangheta " under any circumstances. Anyone who violates the oath would be killed in any case: at least he's in jail, even abroad. Omerta applies to family members of the organization. Therefore, even if Vincenzo Iaquinta was involved in mafia Affairs in Italy, he will never tell it themselves. However, to date, the 2006 World Champion, had been condemned only for having the weapon. It is a revolver Smith Wesson 357 magnum, and pistol 7.65 Browning Celtic-tec with 126 bullets. Iaquinta's claim that all this wealth is only stored in her home. But then it turns out to be transferred to his father who was banned from having any types of weapons since the 2012 due to suspicion of involvement in the Ndranget. More interesting is the fact that Iaquinta gave the gun to his father when he was still a player of Udinese. The question that arises: so what's the problem if the father forbids the use of weapons only in 2012? Apparently Vincenzo didn't tell authorities about the change of ownership of the weapons, although according to the law he should reveal it. "I was famous people. And I used to buy this weapon for the future. I love going to the arena firing near the House, "says Vincenzo Iaquinta. They Destroyed My Life Fortunately for him, the former football player was not go to prison. By law, he would be free to Italy until then because he had exhausted all possibilities for appeal over the decision. In contrast to his father, Giuseppe Iaquinta might not be saved by any means. At the very least, he will face house arrest until the final verdict is announced-19 years in prison. Upon leaving the courtroom, Vincenzo was very angry. He condemned towards the left and right. The video below shows clearly how the expression of Iaquinta. "It's a shame! They destroyed my life, but I'm not doing anything. I feel like a dog for four years. Because of this, everyone suffers: me, my family, the children. We were told that we were connected to the mafia, but we don't even know the name of the group. But we will return our name and prove that the sentence was not fair, "said Iaquinta.

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