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Bangladesh blows Maldives 9 - 0 goals.
In the Under-15 Clear Football Championship, Bangladesh's start was a great win. Bangladeshi boys of Bangladesh did not let the opponent stand at the Lalitpur Anfa Academy ground in Nepal. After the first half, Bangladesh scored 5 goals in the second half. Bangladesh have ensured semi-finals by keeping a match in this win of 9 goals. The score line 9-0 goals digitally tells the boys of Bahaduri. The island nation's players did not get much attention in front of the island nation. Anwar Parvez's disciples were ahead in all aspects of skill, fitness, and win-win. Another issue has also emerged, the differences between the players of the Maldivian players in Bangladesh! Hattrick comes from both legs. Nhat Zaman has scored four goals, Russell Ahmed and Ashikur Rahman have scored two goals, and a goal came from Mehedi Hasan's legs. Nishat Ahmed took just 23 minutes to give Bangladesh a hat-trick by 3-0 goals. Not to mention the three goals of the hat-trick. Three minutes later, Kamran Uddin's long pass, Rasel Ahmed, down the head, while taking the ball from the face of the goal, Nishat opened 1-0, 1-0. Eight minutes later, 2-0 had been a fantastic shot. Cut the defender with the right edge and enter the box in a strong shot round. The hat-trick has got the opponent to use the opportunity of a midfielder's mistake. The Maldivian midfielder entered the box with Miss Pass and trapped by the forward goalkeeper. In the 23rd minute, Nishat hat-trick courtesy of Bangladesh 3-0. After this there is a tension between the key and the match. Rasel, Ashikura Mehdi added 4-0 at the first half. Nishat's goal again from the break. This hat-trickman stopped four goals. Russell and Ashikur added the following four goals. Russell scored two goals in 47 and 66, while Ashikur scored 80 goals and at the time added. Bangladesh reached the semifinals with a match in hand. The 15-team will face the challenge of becoming the group champions against Nepal on Monday. The match between the Maldives and the Maldives has ended in two matches. Their first match against Nepal was 4-0.

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