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Europa League Match Review - Chelsea vs Malmo
I'll say the first 30 mins were dominated by Malmo and man the support they got from their fans was crazy, it felt like they are in the complete mood of pulling off an upset. But then enter Odoi and Willian, man they were great and started breaking through Malmo defense, Giroud was not looking in shape in the first half, Barkley was ok, but Emerson and Christensen were solid at defense as well and Emerson is performing great I'll say. Emerson was so calm and good to cover the left side, which is their weakness. I love how Kovacic replaces Jorginho, he has speed, good ball control. Odoi, I think he shall play against City and duet with Hazard. Optimist to grab their first trophy!! Emerson and Christensen need to start on Sunday, would love to see Kante/Barkley/RLC but that won't happen. I think Willian will start, got two assists tonight and was good, but Hudson Odoi needs to play some part. Image source Azpilicueta needs to cross with more efficiency he lacks vastly in the attacking phase. Emerson is good enough to start. Willian kept is ticking and Odoi was on fire. RLC showed flashes and i don't know why Ampadu played at RB, to be honest. Of course, if you wanna play Sarri's style you need Jorginho. What the manager should do is to tweak the formation without Jorginho. What you have with Jorginho is, yes u move the ball better at the back, but what is Jorginho's input defensively? can he tackle? what is his positioning without the ball? and then, compare that with Kante in that position, pros n cons. That is Sarri's job to figure that out. Odoi is a great player. He performs very well in his limited minutes. I hope Sarri plays him vs City. He may be young, but at least he's very hungry to help the team get the goals. At this point, I think he should be starting PL matches. This man is destined for greatness. And if they don't play him more often I'm afraid they'll lose him. Just the way they lost Mo Salah. I keep saying with the 4-3-3 they play, play Kante CDM, RLC, and either Kovacic, Jorginho, Barkley. Whoever. I am not a manager and my knowledge is based on what I know these guys can do they would sure be better than what they are now. Their Midfield has been our problem not linking with forwards and not helping the defense it’s a serious problem but the favoritism of certain players is killing the real vibe.