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Who Is Your Greatest Football Coach Of All Time? I Pick Pep Guardiola
It rained and the weather in this part of West-Africa is a bit cold, so I've jumped in here to catch some warmth, You can stop by let's do some rollercoaster. Alright, let's talk a little sport since that's why we're all here. Forget the price of scr, if it will ever rise again, we will be fortunate. But if it doesn't, we won't stop loving sports and expressing our passion. Source So now let's get the show on the road. It's about Who you consider as the best coach the football world have ever seen. Well, I've pitched my tent with the Catalan, Pep Guardiola. Basically because modern day football is not easy to make consistent impacts year in year out in different climes. Whether as a player or as a Coach, breaking new grounds take lots of ingenuity and commitment and not just fate(if you believe in that). While I consider Lionel Messi as the Greatest Player of All Time, Pep occupies same position as regards Coaches. Having witnessed their reign, it gives me a firsthand consciousness and reasons on why am pitching my tent with them, and not growing up to hear about them after decades of their retirement. It's a mere coincidence that Pep is a former Barcelona Coach, and being a Barcelona fan, it's easy to presume bias on my part, it's understandable. However, am more concerned about Pep's substance and his abilities over the years. So Let's Talk About Pep Guardiola There have been an unending debate whether in the social media, amongst our sports loving friends or at the darkest chambers of our minds as regards who is the best football coach of all time. While many awesome names like Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool, Dechamps Of France, Joakim of Germany, Del Busque of Spain(Former) etc may spring up, people like us just feel like Pep is our Choice. Even though he had waited a decade to replicate his treble feat of 2008/2009 season at Barcelona at the Etihad, his success within these years are overwhelming. Source I've noticed that Pep is not only a good teacher and motivator, he was also a good student and Listener during his playing days under the legendary Dutch Johan Cruff. Cruff is seen as the father of "tiki-taka" football philosophy which Barcelona have come to be associated with for decades now. As a defensive midfielder in his days, he had solidified his place in Johan's dream team at Barcelona, and will later be part of the team that Won the Club's first European Cup in 1992. Pep's coaching feats is a reflection of years of seeing football from an experimental angle, other than some Coaches who never had active years as professional footballers. Maybe that has helped him in his Managerial aspect, putting himself in the shoes of his players every now and then. While still a player, he also won the Spanish league consecutively from 1991-1994. His coaching potential was seen when he led the Barcelona Team B to win a Tercera División title. In 2008, he assumed control of the first team and will later inspire Barcelona to a treble. Grabbing the La liga, Copa Del Rey and UEFA champions league titles, perhaps the youngest coach to win the Champions league. Ending four years coaching career in Barcelona with 14 trophies, isn't that awesome. He took his ingenuity to Germany and won 7 trophies with Bayern Munich, with only the Champions league eluding him. Now he is at Manchester City after arriving in 2016 from the Bavarian Club. Pep has continued to exert influence and dominate English football since his arrival at the Etihad. He has won a consecutive premier League title now, and this season have seen him record a befitting treble. When Pep was troubling the still waters of football in his coaching days at Barcelona, many detractors said he was just fortunate to coach an already made team. He also went to Germany, dominated and left, yet many said he was coaching a team that winning in Germany is their birthright. Well, he is now in England and I believe Manchester City was not the best team when he arrived, but now, City is the most dreaded team in EPL. Now that's the touch of a transformer and a man that knows his onion. The English league is not an easy league for a particular team to sustain its dominance for long, but with the turn of events, it seems Pep is about to achieve that. Pep doesn't Just win trophies with these teams, he takes his time to build his squad. There is a unique feature of the catalan manager, and that's his ability to transform average players into Top rated players. When you see how he has transformed players like Raheem Sterling with such period and other young players, you will know that this guy doesn't need you to be too good for him to inspire you to your peak. Pep has also got the ability to manage the ego of top players in his team. This is one of the biggest shortcomings of coaches like Mourinho. The catalan has a way of creating bond with his players, and he rarely criticize them in the media. These and so many other things make me feel Pep is the greatest Coach of all time. You've got a dissenting view? Lemme know yours, and thanks for stopping by.