Soccer / manchester united

Excellent performances from Wolves. They defended and attacked wisely, made good use of the opportunity and dominated united. Uncompleted passes and less shot on target ruined United last night. This means both Matic and Pogba including Lingard underperformed and flopped. They all concentrated their passes to the wing because there are so many wingers Lingard, Rashford, Martial including both Defenders Shaw and Dalot all acting winger. They didn't make any attempt to score except through the wings and the wolves dominated on this weakness and counterattack. They should learn from their mistakes and improve. It's a good thing they lost because the players can now pull up their socks for Barcelona.So weird how the entire team can be bad at the same time. Midfield was too slow and lost the ball way too many times. United didn't create chances. Shaw was the best player. What an assist for a defender and Romero did well too. Only one person makes the whole team go lazy is Matic. I will keep saying this. Matic is slow and lazy. Image source They need a quick defensive midfielder to distribute the ball to the top half. Pogba was also performing badly. Ole made a mistake of playing Martial and Rashford together from the start. One of them should have been on the bench and subbed on at the 60th minute. They keep dancing around and struggling with the ball on the left side. Dalot was simply standing there on the right wing for the whole game and nobody even looked at him let alone pass the ball. Bringing in all the players after their injuries was a bad idea I felt. They didn't trust their bodies enough to play with risks. Just look like Mourinho performances. Pogba didn't make a single right thing. Rashford could play more easily and not try to do a skill every single touch in the ball. They started too slow. I feel Ole shouldn't have started all the players that just got back from injury at once. You don't rush all these senior players from injury into your first team. Herrera,Matic,Lingard,Martial. It will affect the momentum of their game. Shouldn't have played Matic, should've played Perrera from the start, they weren't dedicated enough for this game, hopefully, they play better in the next game. Obviously, need to sign players, Pogba is not always consistent so do martial and Lingard as they came from injury and should have not started, Matic made awful passes, couldn't even see Dalot today. Wolves played well countered even better and United was far too slow on any attack. They passed wide and let wolves get 8 men behind the ball all the time. Fair play to wolves. I think if United could have been playing those ball that Shaw play for Rashfords goal they could have won the game. Because they were not getting those kinds of the ball in the 6 yards. And I think that was the only way of scoring. They are built to counter-attack but struggle at breaking teams down when there is less space to run into. I still think they should buy 2 more possession-based midfielders who can play keep-ball to get past this. Strikers were simply just not good enough & not clinical enough, couple chances wolves had and they took them, United didn't.