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After successfully silencing Juventus, Manchester United prepared a strategy for Manchester City
Juan Mata after successfully breaking into Juventus' goal Manchester United have succeeded in overthrowing Juventus in the Champions League match midweek, with a score of 2-1. But they should not be satisfied with the victory. Because, this weekend they will meet Manchester city in the 12th Premier League event. The match at Juventus Cage is a miracle that happened to Manchester United. No one expected a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo on 64 minutes, able to be paid through a free kick by Juan Mata. And finally Alex Sandro lost control to make an own goal which ensured Juventus lost three points in the match. Image Source Lately, precisely in the last three games, Manchester United have performed better. They have picked three straight wins without Romeo Lukaku. The team's performance seems to be getting better. And the motivation for the three consecutive wins is the spirit of Jose Mourinho's team who can pick three points from City. Although at the beginning of the season, Manchester United had fallen behind due to the successive defeat experienced by the team. But so far the team seems to have worked well. So that Manchester United are back worthy of being counted as a dangerous squad on the European scene. Everyone will certainly think so. So far, they have finished 7th, this season's premier standings. If they can win in a match against City this weekend, Manchester United will have a great chance to be able to catch the remaining points and pursue their position in the standings.

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