Soccer / match summary

The execution at Wembley - FA Cup final
After winning the England Championship, Pepa Guardioli's charges wanted to reach for another trophy. At Wembley, they had to face Watford. Deulofeu and the company have already shown this season that they can play a nice ball. Before the final of the English Cup many people condemned them to failure. They were aware, however, that they did not have to do anything, but only could and do want to surprise us. Squads: Manchester City: Ederson- Zinchenko, Laporte, Kompany, Walker- David Silva (79' Stones), Gundogan (73' Sane), Bernardo Silva- Sterling, Jesus, Mahrez (55' De Bruyne) Watford: Gomes- Holebas, Mariappa, Cathcart, Femenia- Pereyra (66' Success), Doucoure, Capoue, Hughes (73' Cleverley)- Deeney, Deulofeu (66' Gray) After a short opening ceremony, the players of both teams went into battle. Watford's players were only on the ball for the first two minutes of the match. Then it was "The Citizens" who came to the fore and played the football. Jesus and the company were getting closer and closer to scoring a goal with each action. "The Hornet" was patiently waiting for its opportunity. For them the most important thing was to take care of the defense, although already in the 6th minute they could take the lead. They came out with an instant counter, but Ederson was fantastic and didn't let him score a goal. Pereyra fell in the Manchester Penal Field in about 20 minutes, but the judge did not see any foul in this situation. As the repetitions showed, there was no foul, while the Company touched the ball with its hand during the action. But the penalty, already belonged, but the referee didn't use the VAR and we played on. When the Watford players focused all their attention on making the referee aware that they had been harmed, Pepa Guardiola's charges took over the game and in the 26th minute they took the lead. After the turmoil in the penalty area, Sterling passed the ball with his head to David Silva, and the Spaniard defeated Gomes with a shot at the further post. After losing the goal, Hornet couldn't get out of its own half. Instead of starting to make up for the losses, they focused on defending access to their own goal. They had no idea how to dismantle The Citizens defense and went deep into their own penal field. Sterling and the company decided to take advantage of the weaker period of their rivals and increased their lead to 2:0. Bernardo Silva sent a fantastic pass to Jesus, who struck from the first ball, not giving a chance to defend Watford's goalkeeper. After a very good start, two quick blows extinguished Deulofeu and his teammates. Watford's fans started to leave the stands a few minutes before the end of the first part of the match. At least they were the first in line to get beer and hot dogs. I didn't expect miracles after the break. Wotford's players did not look like the people who were able to turn the tide of this duel. After the break, Pepa Guardioli's players dropped a little bit from the tone. They stayed with the ball most of the time, but did not attack as often as they did in the first part of the match. They calmly played the ball in a positional attack and wanted to strike the final blow. This play went on in the 60th minute, and De Bruyne played the role of enforcer. City players defended their rivals, Jesus passed to a Belgian midfielder, who put the goalkeeper down and put the ball into an empty goal. You couldn't just look at Wotford's game. Each attempt to lead the ball from its own penalty area ended with a loss and counterclaim of "The Citizens". They were crashed and dreamt of going to the locker room as soon as possible. Manchester players, on the other hand, were deadly effective and did not intend to stop. After two assists, the goal to his account decided to save Gabriel Jesus. When it seemed that "The Citizens" would spare their rivals and no longer shoot, Raheem Sterling scored his first goal in this match. Only five minutes later the Englishman had a doublet to his credit. Before this meeting, we were all aware that Manchester City would prevail, but I simply did not expect such a development. The whole other half of the Manchester players were playing with their rivals. Pep Guardiola and his charges have confirmed their dominance in the country's backyard and sent a clear signal that they will be the ones dealing the cards next season.