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Maurizio Sarri Achieved Goal, Deserves Second Season With More Support
image Since the taken over of Chelsea football club by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich almost 2 decades now, the Russian in his bid for success and love for football has seen 11 managers in and out of Chelsea at different times and have this poor record of giving managers time to build their team. While many pundits and fans have their take on this issue, I believe every club has a structure it runs and can say that this short term has really paid off in his investment. Among all the coaches who has stepped their feet in the London club, only Rafeal Benitez appointment really generated hostile and toxic provocations among the Chelsea faithful which was boiled down to the past antecedent of Benitez and Chelsea fans while at Liverpool. The ‘’Interim one’’ as he was fondly called was never a good ideal but the fans came to accept him with his Europa venture. Sarriball who happened to be a brand name and style of football courtesy of Maurizio Sarri was a welcomed idea when he went 17 games unbeaten in Europe but mixed feeling began to start at Stamford Bridge when things started going south for him with a lot of criticism about Jorginho, Kante off position and lack of striking force to make him one hated managers of Chelsea in recent times. While Sarri mission was to finish Chelsea top four this season, some months back with Manchester United rejuvenation under Ola Solskjaer, it appeared was Sarri losing it. Even in last weekend first half game against Watford, many fans expressed bad feeling with many voicing out their frustration but a successive 2 goals in the opening of the second half turned everybody to his side with cheers at full time. image Following the Manchester United and Arsenal slipping off the race for top four to the final day and Chelsea with a better chance to play in the Europa league finals, Maurizio Sarri should be given kudos by the board and fans for steering Chelsea to the champions league spot after many squad challenges especially upfront and strength of their opponents in City and Liverpool. With the goal of the season haven being achieved, Sarri deserved a second season at Chelsea as well as financial support to get players that will deliver trophies next season. All in Sarri head right now is to overcome their German opponent in the second leg of this year Europa semi final encounter with already an away goal rule advantage to his hand should Chelsea draw goaless on Thursday night at home. Lifting the competition will be one biggest achievement on the Italian coaching career.