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Happy Moan Day - Referee Why?
Source Everyday comes with its own feeling and concerns. The English premier league game between Cardiff vs Chelsea really left a scar for the Welsh fans as a controversial mistake from the officials of the game. What could have been the reason behind such unprofessional decision? Was there any form of favouritism? This is a happy moan day contest organised by Pete. Click here for more related information. The London blues travelled to Cardiff city stadium last Sunday for the English premier league matchday 31. It was a struggle for them to secure a spot in the top four table before the season runs out. However, the Bluebird on their own accord wants a way out of the relegating zone but the situation looks more futile with such refereeing disorder. The game kicked off warmly with both teams maintaining the pressure. The fans chanting and clapping, coaches and crews viewing. Not a lot of thing went down during the first half apart from the player who got the first booking of the day. However, the second half began lit with V.Camarasa scoring the opener with a side-footed volley just at the edge of the box, curling the ball past Kepa into the top corner. That was and became the morale needed by the home team to secure a gracious three point. However, everything came turning down in the 84th minute when the London blues captain scored a header to equalize the 1-0 deficit. The goal sprang up anger within the host fans as it was crystal clear that Azpilicueta was in an offside position when Marcos Alonso headed the ball to him from a corner but the flag was not raised. This situation kept me wondering, how could the linesman not see a clear 2yards offside before him or is he a Chelsea fan in disguise? That's really absurd to see Sarri's men struggle for a point in such an unworthy manner. At first, i thought the referee was trying to play an April fool in advance for the bluebirds but oh!! No!!! It really counted. source It was ninety plus one minute on the clock, Warnock’s players, who had defended well, struggled to deal with the hammer blow. When Willian put in a good cross a minute into stoppage time, Olivier Giroud occupied the central defenders and Ruben Loftus-Cheek got ahead of full back Lee Peltier to direct a header past Neil Etheridge. All told, it was a desperate and unworthy escape from ignominy against a Cardiff side. The travelling fans’ songs about their own team’s football encapsulated all that needs to be said about Chelsea, a club without any method and with a deeply uncertain future. Many are unprintable here and a late comeback, which began with an equaliser which should never have counted, can do nothing to change that. WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT Certain circumstances are inevitable in life. All you've got to do is forge ahead to he brighter side(anonymous). Thanks For Reading...

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