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The Dead Chase. Mohammed Salah On A Slimy Track.
source The EPL title race is getting more interesting as both Manchester city and Liverpool are battling to keep a steady pace to the end. It looks like the grounds are slippery for the Merseyside reds while the citizens are looking confident and growing stronger as the days goes by. However, we can't say who the favourite is and at this point, the end justifies the means. Pep Guardiola and his army now sits at the top of the table with one point above Jurgen Klopp's battalion who once occupied the top table with 10points clear on the 30th of December, 2018. Momentum started failing and after couple of draws and losses, City closed up and regained control of the top table with 71 point at their disposal. The Merseyside derby draw against Everton left the reds with just one point. Klopp has relatively complained about bad weather conditions after a negative outcome in a match. "I know people don't like me saying it but the wind was coming from all directions today. It was really difficult to play any kind of football out there," he said. Rumours had it that there have been other complains on how Manchester united injury crisis affected his win after the goalless draw, pitch too snowy during Leicester 1-1 draw, pitch too dry against Westbrom 2-2 draw, the weather to windy again against wolves 2-1 loss and series of other complains. source Recently, the played have been inconsistent with their known amazing qualities. Sadio Mane have had countless of misfired shots in recent games while Mo Salah have been poor with his goal scoring performance. He has failed to score in three consecutive premier league games for the first time since joining Liverpool. ❎ Utd ❎ Watford ❎ Everton With the recent performance of both teams, City has an edge over Liverpool to lift the trophy but football has its unseen powers and supertonic tendencies to turn everything around in a blink of am eye. What do you think? Thanks For Reading...

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