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The Salah conundrum
In recent weeks rumour has developed around Liverpool's pursuit to regain a little strength in the attacking line-up. Interestingly rumour says Liverpool are prepared to let Salah go for other players, possibly to give the attacking side of Liverpool a new lease of life on what has became slightly predictable. The rumoured deal consists of Paulo Debala of Juventus and £44M for Mohammed Salah, initially as a Liverpool fan I though no way! We need him then I started to think about the details. Paulo Dybala The 25 year old attacking midfielder for Juve has scored 5 goals in 5 appearance's in the Champions league! Although his recent struggles in the Italian league Series A leaves form questionable there is no doubt he is a footballing talent. Position and Strengths In recent games anyone watching the Liverpool games will tell you Salah is struggling to get time on the ball, teams are always preparing to stop him and he often is left alone on the right. I feel Dybala is stronger in the middle of the field, useful as an AMC differently that Mo Salah. Salah not satisfied? Another element not many have noticed is Salah looking dissatisfied, subdued celebrations etc. This is could just be down to being unhappy with his own performance or the delivery to him however it does leave causality to future outcomes. One thing is for sure with satisfaction, Mohammed Salah will not stay at Liverpool if they miss out on trophies again this year. Would you make the swap? Initially I would have said 100% no, with time to think I would 100% say yes, why? Salah doesn't look happy to me, Liverpool have became a little predictable through him and Liverpool need someone who is stronger in the centre of the field moving forward. Also I feel Dybala has room to grow in this Liverpool team, a fresh link with Firmino and Mane from the middle to forward. Let me know in the comments what you think Liverpool fans or not!

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