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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang executed Tottenham. 6 years ago, Spurs humiliated him in viewing
The origins of the devilish motivation of Gabonese forward. According to the results of the 14th round, Aubameyang is the best scorer of the Premier League with ten goals. If the he were a subject, then, most likely, with a scalpel - for the status of the main striker he needed only 10 kicks. This was not 11 years old: the last time Benni McCarthy gave a similar for the Blackburn in 2007. But Gabonese forward has one more fierce indicator: Aubameyang scored Tottenham six goals in six games - more than any other club in England. And there are reasons for this. “I like Aubameyang for his unparalleled skill, his incredible speed,” - says former Spurs coach Tim Sherwood. He has a wonderful speed, in front of the gate he gets up real numbers. In Borussia, he played in a truly competitive league.” In 2011, Sherwood was a scout at Tottenham and drove around the world, considering candidates for the London club. “I went to the game of Gabon against Brazil to view Sandro, and we already signed him by that moment. Aubameyang then played the right winger, demonstrating an incredible speed. I thought - that's it! ”- Sherwood shares. He checked the documents - Pierre-Emerick was listed in “Milan”, but acted as a lease for “Saint-Etienne”. Tim rushed to President Daniel Levy, begging him to buy the Gabonian, which cost a penny. Tottenham has been watching the winger for a year. In 2012, Spurs was headed by Andre Villas-Boas, who agreed to see Aubameyang. “He could easily go to Tottenham.” We followed him for a long time and discussed the transfer with Pierre-Emerick. But the manager did not want him, he said that the Gabonian are not for us,” - reveals Sherwood. This was all over for Tim, but for Aubameyang, it had just begun. “I was in London, I had a tour of the stadium and training base. We have already discussed everything. But then no one called me back - neither yes nor no. Now this is definitely an extra-motivation for me,” - recalls offended the Gabonian. Pierre-Emerick scored a double in the North London derby - scored the first goal of the match, and then with the score 1:2 equalized, launching the comeback "gunners". Arsenal played without Ozil, who again suffers with his back. Mkhitaryan betrayed another colorless match, Iwobi fussed more than played football. But as soon as the ball reached Aubameyang, and he threatened to strike, everyone knew - now he will fly (100% of the stats are not lying - 10 goals out of ten possible). But there could have been no victory in the derby - Tottenham Hotspurted the hosts with two goals before the break, and the ball stopped crawling out even to half of Pochettino's team, and Aubameyang forgot which ball to touch. But the break showed who is a predator here, and who only snapped back successfully. Unai Emery - another deprived talent. The offensive period in Spartak Moscow, disrespect in PSG, a slap in the face of Barca (1:6). And now the derby, in which Arsenal lost at home only once in 25 games, went awry. But the Spaniard and the Gabonian helped each other. At first, Emery made a double substitution during the break - he released Ramsey and Lacazette, which gave Aubameyang worthy support. Pierre-Emerick thanked him: he equalized the score from Aaron's pass. And then Alexandre scored the winning goal from the pass of the same Welshman. It's amazing how much offense in football means. They are adults and very rich men, but they turn into Hulk if they were not called back six years ago or called them a loser. Wenger’s Arsenal has the habit of enduring - that team and the coach couldn’t offend anything and lead. But now the avengers have appeared in the club, and their vendetta is very bloody.

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