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My first World Cup USA '94
Hi, I'm Mr. Jau. I am Mexican and since I have use of reason every 4 years it is the same story with my team. My first World Cup I can remember is USA 94. Mexico was in the group of death with three European giants. Italy that would eventually reach the final, Ireland and Norway were our group rivals. The group was very even, I do not remember if any group in the world has remained the same but, the 4 teams finished with 4 points, with Norway being left by goals. The match of the group stage that is undoubted to be saved is the draw of Mexico vs Italy with a goal by Marcelino Bernal, taking a shot that ended in the Italian squad. Then came the fateful phase where Mexico has not been able to advance for 6 World Cups and that of not winning against Brazil on Monday they will become 7. Mexico played an accessible opponent in the eighth-finals, Bulgaria. The game was closed. However, just in the first 20 minutes of the match was 1-1 there were no more emotions. PENALTIES Mexico was eliminated on penalties, with Hugo Sánchez on the bench and Jorge Campos unable to stop more than 1 penalty. That was my first World Cup ladies and gentlemen, but at the moment I feel very nervous in the environment of the Mexican National Team, after making the best match in history this World Cup vs Germany, the team of Juan Carlos Osorio has gone from more to less and the defeat vs Sweden put us in a very uncomfortable situation, to face Neymar's Brazil. No doubt if Mexico manages to win this Monday it will be a feat of epic proportions. Follow me> @kikejau

My First FIFA World Cup