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Introducing myself
I'M CURRENTLY 27 AND IN HOMEOPETHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE IN PAKISTAN. Also, you really don't have to read this. My eyes burned when I read it again after 3 years, like my English was awful and it's just obvious a 14 year-old wrote that, it's so full of innocence and childishness... omg. I should rewrite it but I have no motivation right now, so sorry if you still decide to read! I promise I'll remember to edit that.] Hi! In the very first article I've posted, I introduced myself very briefly. And because it's always better to know a bit about the person who's writing for you, here's a more detailed presentation! First of all, my name's Zoia , i'm 27 and I'm Pakistani, punjabian but can speak english. Um, what could I say? Well, I'll talk about my personality, that's it ^Stubborn^ In real life, when I don't really know the person I'm talking to, I'm rather shy and my parents even all my family say that I always speak too quietly T_T But it was mostly before, I was totally antisocial! It's improved. I'm less shy, but I still like loneliness and silence (not the permanent loneliness, I guess that's an obvious thing). When I'm at ease, I'm not the same! I love laughing, having fun and acting like an idiot. I have an open humor, especially pervert or totally lame. I have absolutely weird chats with my friends and I can laugh about everything, almost, I think ^o^ Otherwise, I can be serious when it's necessary. I'm easily stressed, just one thing like "I have to tell you something", and I almost panick, my sweat glands start up actively... (I'm trying to say that in a less yucky way by using... neutral words? ... okay, shh.) And I always think of the worst scenario! ;_; Before, I was really touchy and I paid too much attention on other people's opinions, but I changed and I care less about it now! Which is, I have to admit, really good. I'm very dreamy and quite creative I guess because i love the works which speaks. I'm easily amazed and moved (especially when I read or watch a movie). I love reading, writing, drawing and listening to music (among others). I'd also really like to play piano.; I've tried to start playing piano in my cell phone., but that didn't make a good sound anymore. So I'm happy because I never give up ! *^* (now I actually need to be motivated to learn...) About reading, I like funny books, romantic ones, which take place in common life (especially in high school environment, you see), or mystery and fantastic novels, et I don't watch a lot of TV series. My favortie movies are Star Wars, Harry Potter, and... I think that's all! I love video games like Pokemon (my favorite game *^*), etc... As you know, my favorite band is Nirvana. Before, I listened to a lot of music like Rihanna, Britney Spears etc., but I'm interested more in rock music now. I'm not an expert on the subject but I know a little rock and metal because my parents (especially my father) listen to this type of music. I have to say I don't really listen other rock music than Nirvana and the music we play at home. I wrote a list of rock musicians (most of them are bands) and I want to listen to them but I always forget or I'm just too lazy T-T What else could I say ? Oh, yes. I love Nutella, chocolate... almost all sweet things ! I'm less of a fan of salty food, but I still like eating (okay, I don't always have easy tastes >.>) I like nail-art, but generally, when I try something, it fails! So my mother doesn't want me to do her nails anymore XD Okay, I think that's all for my presentation, and this post is already really long ^_^' Sorry, and bravo if you read this all ! Well, have a good day/evening !

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