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Character strength after debacle - Club responds to historic defeat
After the debacle during the week, in the first English week in the German Bundesliga, in which the 1.FCN came with the Dortmund Borussia with 0:7 hard under the wheels, it went then on Saturday in the home game against the co-raiser Fortuna Düsseldorf. The questions that arose were, how will the team around coach Michael Köllner shake this debacle out of their clothes and how will the fans in the third home game react when the team enters. As far as the fans are concerned, it's clear that they didn't blame the team and supported them from the start. No whistles were heard in the stadium, only applause and support. At the beginning of the game, the FCN players were not without a few uncertainties. Both teams had their chances although not necessarily high-carat. Until the 28 minute, the club struggled against ball-safe Düsseldorfer until the penalty kick Lukebakio caused against Leibold. The captain of the Club Hanno Behrens took over the responsibility and started against Goalkeeper Rensing. Hanno Behrens kept his nerves from the point and so it was 1-0 for FCN. Only 5 minutes after the lead of the Club, Lukebakio, who was running alone towards Fabian Bredlow, gave the Düsseldorfers the opportunity to equalize, but the Nürnberg goalkeeper kept his nerve and parried the end of the Düsseldorf striker. Bredlow parried several times during the whole match and was the best player of the match from my point of view. After the break the Fortuna had her chances to equalize but she missed them time and time again. As is so often the case in football, if you don't make use of your opportunities, the FCN struck again in the 64 minute with a counterattack over Mikael Ishak, who was sent on the journey by Hanno Behrens worth seeing, who before Rensing, unlike Lukebakio before the break, kept his nerve and netted for 2-0. In the 78th minute the substitute Palacios even scored the 3-0 and thus the final score of the game. Shortly before the end, Misidjan had the chance to raise the score to 4:0, but missed the chance and the goalkeeper from Düsseldorf could parry. The FCN team showed character 3 days after the 0:7 slap in Dortmund, which probably few people would have believed. Michael Köllner, the coach of the club, managed to rebuild his players in the few hours between the games in Dortmund and at home against Düsseldorf. Bye tomtheone

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