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Is there anything else going on at the CLUB??????
Last Saturday, the club from Nuremberg played against VfB Stuttgart, who was also threatened with relegation. The game ended 1:1 and didn't help either club - but still it is a success for the Franconians. The FCN's distance to the relegation place currently held by the Stuttgart team is still 4 points, but the players around captain Hanno Behrens have left a better impression. The FCN were compact in their defence and lurking for opportunities to counter, which were offered again and again in the course of the game. The Nürnberger went in the 42. minute and thus shortly before the break by the well playing Pereira into guidance by a poacher's goal. The club player followed in this situation excellent and rewarded himself for his good performance. Mario Gomez had the great opportunity to equalise shortly before the break whistle, but failed first against Mathenia and then against himself. After the break, VfB Stuttgart came up with little and FCN continued to lurk for their counter opportunities. In the 75th minute, the VfB came out from a highly offside suspicious position to equalize, which was also the final score. With 20:13 shots on goal for the club and a balanced duel balance, FCN is a good away game to attest. Since the coach change the defensive has stabilized with the Franconians. The FCN's form curve shows, even if only slightly, upwards. The team hasn't given up yet, despite some bitter defeats and a long dry spell without victory. FCN currently make the best impression among the teams in the table cellar. The VfB Stuttgart currently has a strong nerve for everything else. Also in Hannover the lights seem to go out slowly. In Augsburg, they also decided to swap coaches in the final sprint of the league and dismiss the Baum/Lehmann duo. The rest program of the FCN is everything but easy and nevertheless the chance and with it the miracle of the club is still possible. Next Friday there will be a "friendly match" against Schalke 04, who are also not yet 100% saved. With a home win against the Schalker and a defeat of the VfB the club is on the relegation place. Let's see what is still possible for the "glorious old master from Nuremberg". Bye Tomtheone

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