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Rafael Bentitez is leaving Newcastle United
Spanish manager Rafael Benitez failed to make agreement to extend his contract with Newcastle United. He will leave club at the end of June. Manager who became well known after coaching Valencia has some big offer from far East. Offer which he can't refuse and one Newcastle owner could not compete with. This manger became famous after coaching Valencia. Top of his career so far was winning Champions League in Istanbul with Liverpool after miraculous turn over when Reds came from 3 goals behind against Milan to win them on penalties. He managed Inter, Real Madrid, Napoli and Chelsea before coming in Newcastle who was already with one leg in Championship. He failed to save them, but remained loyal to black and white and returned them to Premier League next season. Rafa successfully avoided relegation since then, but could not make one step more to put that club in top part of league. There are few managers who would agree to become coach of struggling club like Newcastle after leading giants like Real Madrid, Inter, Liverpool. Even less of them would stay loyal to club in Championship. I was never big fan of this manager because of his defending oriented football, but must say that he is good especially in cup competition. My expectations were that he is going to make Newcastle fight for place in Europe which did not happen. He started to go on my nerves when he refused to give more chance to striker Aleksandar Mitrovic in Newcastle. It looked like he did not have bigger goal than to avoid relegation in this club. This situation put Newcastle owner Mike Ashley in front of big and important task to find good manager who will replace him and who will if possible play more attacking. Club with that kind of support like Newcastle should try to achieve more and main goal should be place on table which lead to Europa League. Good coach is everything in football, he can make average players play above their possibilities. With so big support, good fan base and right coach that goal should not be unreachable. Names are on my mind are: Harry Redknapp, Nigel Pearson and Samuel Allardyce. I must confess I am big fan of Harry Redknapp I think his squads played superbly at home and could give hard time even to the biggest boys. He is 72 years old and I don't know if he is interested to become coach in Premier League any more. Allardyce was always pretty good in clubs where he was when we talk about results, but I don't think his clubs played so spectacular like Harry's sides at home. Yes even QPR could compete at home with Liverpool when Harry was there! If Harry can't or refuse I would call Nigel Pearson who made magnificent great escape from relegation with Leicester in unforgettable row of winning in second part of season. I personally think he made squad capable of winning title there and Claudio Ranieri just inherited it and won title with Leicester season after. Maybe he could repeat something similar with Newcastle too who knows ? I just hope Geordies will not repeat mistake when they appointed Steve McClaren. I hope they will avoid Moyes too. If no one above want this hot seat they might search abroad. I feel coach from Netherlands would be good choice because they play attacking through balls with a lot of running and one-two passes just like crowd at St.James Park loves. It's a pity R. Kuman is busy with Holland, he would be ideal for this hot seat. What is your opinion who would be good coach for Newcastle United ?