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Barcelona looking for a new striker
Barcelona, Spain, looks for a new striker. This is because he has less faith in the main striker Luis Suarez Barcelona is worried that Suarez's performance is getting worse and wants to recruit a new striker for this reason. It is not a plan to replace Suarez immediately. However, he hopes to create a competitive system with Suarez to improve the team's performance and, in the event of that, he hopes to become a player who can support Suarez. This season, Suarez played in eight league games and scored three goals and three assists. Although it is not a poor record overall, it still leaves much to be desired compared to last season. Suarez played 33 games in the league last season with 25 goals and 12 assists. There were many times when he missed a critical goal this season, which made him nervous about his start. Barcelona has two strikers. One is Nicolas Pepe of Lille OSC. They can go from side to center and speed is a good source of attack. He had six goals and four assists in nine league games this season. Not only Barcelona but Arsenal are also reportedly seeking to gain the upper hand. Another player is Genoa's main striker Krzysytof Piatek He is from Poland and has a strong physique and goal-making ability. He played in seven league games this season and scored nine goals. "I've done my best for Genoa and done well enough," Piatek said after hearing the recent move to Barcelona, hinting that "I don't know the future."