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Former Barça President returns to freedom
Sandro Rosell can say goodbye to the prison walls in a moment. After almost two years of waiting, the trial of his economic crimes has finally begun. Rosell is accused of money laundering, which is related to the sale of television broadcasting rights involving the Brazilian representation. Court officials have announced that former Barça President will be released after his trial in Madrid today. Rosell, together with four other people, organized "Canarinhos" friendly matches and took part in the sponsorship agreement between the Brazilian team and Nike. The President of the Brazilian Football Federation has decided to give bribes to his trusted man. Rosell and his closest ones have thus enriched themselves by several million euros. The former Brazilian manager of Nike, who managed Barcelona from 2010 to 2014, denied any accusations at the Tuesday's testimony before the court. Rosell's defenders have made several requests for his release, claiming that it is unfair to keep him in custody for such a long time without conviction for any crimes. Previous applications, which had already been submitted several times, were rejected. Rosell's former partner Joan Besoli will also be released to freedom. Spanish reporters present at the trial claimed that friends and family celebrated loudly the fact that the former president of Barcelona would be released from custody. Josep Bartomeu also has no concealment of his satisfaction. In these words, he referred to the whole situation: Free and surrounded by friends and family, they will be able to better defend their innocence. The court ruled that Rosell and Besoli were obliged to return their passports and were ordered to stay in Spain. They must also report to the police station every 15 days. The Rosell trial, which started on Monday, is due to be concluded in March. Spanish prosecutors are applying for 11 years' imprisonment for a 55-year-old and imposing a fine of 60 million € on him. Three other people, including Rosell's wife, have also been accused in the Madrid case. The accusations against Rosell are not directly linked to his role as President of Barcelona, but mainly concern his activities related to the Brazilian Football Federation.