Soccer / nuremberg

Ambivalent friendly match
Last Friday it was time again. The club invited FC Schalke 04 to a duel of the old masters in the Bundesliga. The two clubs have had a friendship for some decades, which was founded by the respective fans. There are many myths about the origin of this unusual fan friendship, but nobody really knows where it comes from. It was a great evening for all fans who could get a ticket at the sold out game. Both fan camps celebrated their friendship with a fantastic choreography in which the colours blue and white were predominant in Nuremberg's north curve and the Schalker logo was emblazoned while in the south curve in the guest block of the Schalker the colours red and black were glowing and the FCN logo could be seen. Before the game kicked off, both fan camps sang the Schalker Lied and the FCN anthem "Die Legende lebt" together. In short - it was an evening where the police presence around the stadium was as unnecessary as a crop. From a sporting point of view, the duel was more explosive. The club, whose form curve points slowly upward since the assumption of office by Boris Schommers and which remained unbeaten last 2 plays, wanted to remain absolutely at the relegation place or even reduce the distance. FC Schalke 04, for its part, finally wanted the liberation shot and to distance itself from the relegation places. Both, however, were only partially successful. The game ended 1:1, but this was rather flattering for the Schalker. The Westphalians could thank their strong goalkeeper Nübel that they did not get under the wheels in the Max Morlock stadium. The outstanding goalkeeper defused the big chances in Nuremberg one by one and even parried a badly kicked penalty from Hanno Behrens. The FCN was also denied a rule-compliant goal from Behrens. The more than deserved Nuremberg lead was also scored by Kubo, who had just substituted for FCN and was anything but convincing in the past games. The compensation of the Schalker fell then practically from nothing by a deflected ball. The FCN was attested from all sides after the game the best performance of the season, which could not comfort the then rather meager point yield away. The players of FC Schalke 04 for their part were booed by their own supporters, with the exception of Nübel. The blue-white players sneaked away from the pitch, while in the other corner the club players were loudly celebrated by their fans. FCN stayed on the relegation spot and could reduce the distance by defeating VfB Stuttgart against Bayer Leverkusen, but it was not a real liberation shot. The Schalker, on the other hand, continue to rumble through the season, lagging light years behind their own demands. After the final whistle, the two fan camps celebrated their friendship well into the night. bye Tomtheone