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Who is the Heir Number 7 who failed Post Cristiano Ronaldo at MU?
Back number 7 at Manchester United is often worn by great players like George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona to David Beckham. Cristiano Ronaldo is the last player to successfully wear the number 7 at Old Trafford. Heir number 7 at MU After Ronaldo's departure, no player shone by wearing a sacred number. That number now seems to turn into a curse. Those who wear seem burdened to wear historic back numbers at MU, so they look bad on the field. There are some of them not even long at the club. Michael Owen In the 2009/2010 season, Manchester United recruited Michael Owen. He used number 7 at that time. Owen seems to feel objected to number 7, there are no strains with holy numbers. He can play 31 times for MU. However, not many contributions. He can only record five goals in one season. Together with MU, Owen can realize the ambition to win the Premier League. Antonio Valencia Antonio Valencia has used the seventh number in the 2012/2013 season. The decision is not sweet fruit. in fact Ecuador did not contribute much. There are as many as 30 matches in progress, Valencia is only able to score one goal. Only one season, Valencia then used the back number 25 again. Angel Di Maria From Argentina, there is one player. He is Angel Di Maria, who was brought from Real Madrid this season. Di Maria was bought with a fairly expensive transfer fee, reaching 59.7 million pounds. With Manchester United, Di Maria wears number seven and only lasts one season. There are 27 matches played in the Premier League, contributing three goals. Because it was considered a failure, Di Maria was finally sent to Paris Saint-Germain. Now, he has started to look good again. Memphis Depay After Di Maria, Memphis Depay is hosting number seven. Coming from PSV Eindhoven with the status of the Dutch League top scorer, he failed to answer high expectations at Old Trafford. Also only lasted a season with seven back numbers at Manchester United, Depay has now crossed to Lyon. Alexis Sanchez There is one more expensive purchase that uses the number seven he is Alexis Sanchez. He was released by Manchester United from Arsenal. But the salary of players from Chile is too high, every week reaching 350 thousand pounds. Sanchez only played 29 matches in all competitions for Manchester United, contributing four goals since being taken last January. Now, Sanchez is reportedly reluctant to stay at MU's house again. That is a row of players hit by number seven curse...