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Overview CELTA - REAL MADRID || New pot La Liga Contest ~35SCR
It's amazing but none of the 28 participants in La Liga Contest #8 managed to predict the final outcome of the game. The stars lined up for those who had no options and give them a new chance to win the big pot. Celta's goal in add time left @omeromer and @girolamomarotta without the prize. OVERVIEW Spectacular match in Balaidos, six goals as six soles we could see, all of them of great beauty at least in the elaboration. The Galician team took to the field with a lot of determination, pressing the ball out of the Real Madrid players, in an unfortunate play, fruit of the impetus of the teams. Casemiro suffered an injury and had to be replaced by Ceballos. With him on the field the team got more control of the ball. In a play well braided by the "meringues" Modric put the ball long in the race of Benzema who made a very difficult control and defined with ease before the departure of Sergio Alvarez. The Celta tried to react but came to rest with 0-1. In the resumption the control of game continued being for the Real Madrid. The dominance was translated into the 0-2 after a great play by Benzema the ball ended at the bottom of the goal after a carom, Cabral accidentally introduced the ball into his own goal and lamented his bad luck. With two goals of disadvantage the Celta was desperately launched to the attack and Hugo Mallo of spectacular volley reduced distances in the scoreboard.There were 30 minutes left and the Galicians were dominating and creating many problems behind the white that Courtois resolved with solvency. In the minute 81 Odriozola caused an absurd penalty of Juncá after erring in the punt. Sergio Ramos scored again from the eleven meters with an execution Panenka not suitable for cardiac. In the final minutes Cabral culminated his particular calvary seeing the red card with what left his team with a player less, the game was resolved but Ceballos wanted to join the list of scorers of the game with a spectacular right from outside the area that was Sneaked through the goal squad defended by Sergio. The Celta managed to make up the result with a goal by Brais Méndez with time practically completed. Real Madrid achieved the objetive of adding the three points in a very difficult field and cut the distance with Barcelona, that lost surprisingly at the Nou Camp against Betis for the same result 2-4. I wait for you in the next Contest with an approximate pot of 35 SCR. Good luck AND ENJOY WITH SCORUM!!

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