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Bangladesh beat Pakistan 3-2 in the final
Bangladesh beat Pakistan 3-2 in the final of the finals and won the Under-15 Football title. Ah, how many days after the boys won the title of Bangladesh. They also passed the nerve test again in the excitement match. Bangladesh beat Bangladesh by 3-2 in the tiebreaker At the scheduled time the game was a 1-1 draw. As far as the fight was in a final match, the visitors came to the field hoping all of them were at the Anfa Complex. Moving forward again Finally, the win of Bangladesh in the tiebreaker. Wherever three shots, the hero-in-turn goalkeeper Mehdi Hassan. In the semi-finals, this teenager from Jessore had stopped two shots against India. Goalkeeper Mehdi was not there in XI today. But he is proven as a 'penalty specialist'. The match was ended in 1-1 at the same time as the regular goalkeeper Mithail Marma was sent to the field as a replacement in the 90th minute. Coordinator Anwar Parvez said that this boy could save Bangladesh. So show it The first, the second and the last shot has been stopped by the hero. Pakistan could return to Pakistan 3-3 in the last match if Madras could score a goal. But with Mehdi's savings, I realized why he was sent as a replacement. From Spotcich, Bangladesh scored three goals in the lake, Raja Ansari and Rustam. Rajan and Rabiul have missed. Earlier, in the 25 minutes, the suicide goal has progressed. Pakistan's defender Haseeb Ahmed Khan sent the head to clear the ball flying from the corner. After this, it seemed that time to return to equality of Pakistan was just a matter of time. In the 54th minute, Pakistan scored a penalty from Mohabb Ullah. Until the last minute the excitement touched the ultimate height. The match was tense that until the goal till all time it seems that any team can win the match. Anwar Parvez's disciples started the tournament with 9 goals in the Maldives net. Bangladesh defeated Nepal 2-1 in the second and final match of the group stage and Bangladesh reached the semi-finals in the tiebreaker to ensure Bangladesh finals. Once again, winning the nerves in the tiebreaker won the title. Bangladesh won the last title in the 2015 Under-16 tournament in Sylhet. That tournament is the format rather than under-15 As a result, three years later, Bangladesh won the title of boys in football.