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According to Pogba, Solskjaer deserves to be United's permanent coach
Image Source The arrival of the temporary coach, Solskjaer to Manchester, has changed performance to become better. Solskjaer is able to restore trust and freedom to clup. So according to Pogba, the Norwegian coach deserves to be a permanent coach for Manchester United. The former Manchester United striker has managed to sharpen the team since being replaced by Morinho who was sacked in December. Solskjaer has won 10 of 13 matches in the premier league, since he was appointed and now Manchester United have reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Pogba wants Solskjaer to remain in the United States. He thinks he has a great relationship with the players. According to him also, players were very happy with the arrival to United. Not only that, Solskjaer is a great coach, he knows it's all about clapping. He is the happiest coach who returns all players' trust and clash. Although Pogba had won the world cup with the French national team some time ago. But his appearance when coached by Mourinho in United was very bad. He is often used as a substitute by Mourinho. The 27-year-old player, again brilliant after being taken care of by Solskjaer, he has scored 9 goals and 7 assists in 13 matches. Currently United are ranked 5th in the standings with 58 total points from 30 matches. There are only three points left from Tottenham who are ranked fourth. Next month they will face Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals.