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Was Football Really Crap During Pele's Time?
Source Some people often say that football was crap during Pele's time and that a player like him won't survive modern football. When some of these players compare themselves to players like Messi, we are like "hey! Go and sit down, football was crap during your time" Looking at how less old-fashioned everything was in those days yet these guys were machines. Even though some of us were still kids during when they were shining stars, at least we grew to see how he Pele turned Brazil team from a team with talent yet trophyless to a team that won 3 World Cups before he retired. He scored well for the team just like Messi and Ronaldo do and if not for his injuries, he could have won 4 World Cups for them Many people always argue that football was less professional and less rudiment during their time compared to what we have now. Now, there's advancement in almost everything. Is it the kits, stadium, or more techniques? Source Pele is one of those old time players who underwent the transition from leather ball to new technological ball. He played with shoes that had less grip compared to what we have now yet scored unimaginable goals with it Source Each time I watch the highlight of how football was back in those days, I used to give credit to those players for playing in most of those waterlogged stadiums yet they were expected to score goals. Left for me, It will be unfair to say that football was crap during their time because it's just like saying football was also crap 40 years from now and that Messi and Ronaldo won't survive football of the next 40 years Now let me throw the question to you, do you think football was crap during Pele's time?