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Pep .Guardiola vs. Jürgen Klopp Who is More Successful? The eyes of the entire world's football community are heading towards Etychide, where Manchester City and Liverpool will tonight lift their forces. It will be the duel of the two most serious candidates for the title champion of England, and now in a better position are the reds who lead the table with seven points before the evening rival. This competition is also interesting from another aspect. Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp will have a 16th duel this evening, but the statistics show that the Germans were the most successful in the past 15 years. In previous meetings, Clop scored eight wins against five of Pep and two matches ended with a draw. The ratio of scored goals is almost equal, but the Klop team is in the lead because they have scored 22 goals and City 21 goals. Both teams recorded five matches in those 15 matches without a goal. Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, in addition to the Premier League, played in the Bundesliga, where they were coaches of Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. Guardiola before the big derby: My players know what they need to do. Tonight all the views of a football Europe will be directed to England to Manchester where the great derby of the Premier League is played between City and Liverpool. This is a duel in which the title defender will try to reduce the negative over the "reds" that are currently at the top with a plus seven points against the Itihad club. However, it will not be an easy mission for "citizens", given the shape of their current rival who has not lost a single match this season (17 wins, three unresolved), and rarely receives goals (8). However, the hosts intend to do their best, to get up and try to hit the big rival. - If we lose it will be because they were better, we were weaker than them. But I do not have the feeling that the players have no self-confidence. They know exactly what. Take a look at the simulation of tactics 4-2-3-1 with which Liverpool dominates the Premier League. The holiday period at the start of the new year will be spiced up with mega derby in the Premier League. Liverpool will be visiting Manchester City in a bid to continue the excellent results. Jürgen Klopp is a nightmare for Pep Guardiola, who for a long time did not have three defeats in five matches with any team he trained. And as if there were not many failures against Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Chelsea, now the schedule brings him the biggest challenge in the new season. "Reds" have not yet felt the bitterness of defeat, and if they survive "Itihad", it will be much easier to continue the campaign for the championship title. Clop completely imposed his philosophy in the minds of his players, who seem unsustainable with each passing away. The tactic 4-2-3-1 works perfectly, and in the following you can look at the simulation of its application on the ground: English fans have decided: This is the best combination of players from Liverpool and City. Rahim Sterling or Sadoi Mane? Vincent Company or Virgil Dan Dick? Sergio Aguero or Roberto Firmino? Thousands of English fans have cast their vote for the best combined squad from Liverpool and Manchester City. In the same, six players are from the ranks of the Anfield team, and five of the main rival for the title and the defender of the trophy in the Premier League. Goalkeeper: Allison Defense: Alexander-Arnold, Van Dyke, Laport, Robertson Midfield: De Bruyne, David Silva, Fernandinho Attack: Aguero, Salah, Mane The Liverpool team played perhaps the best year in the last decade, and the mature manager is Jürgen Klop, who managed to order the cubes and create a powerful team. "Reds" still do not know about defeat this season, so the German strategist had a reason for celebrating in the wildest night, which he used to make friends with his closest ones, who finally honored them with "Dad dancing" on Jay Se's popular hit. Ever since the most important season in Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne trained with his teammates, but his performance was questionable. Today's derby will answer many questions in the Premier League title race, and Pep Guardiola wants to have all the weapons available for a duel against Liverpool. Due to a muscle problem, the Belgian international missed the match with Southampton, but yesterday appeared in the training center of "citizens". "Kevin trained with the rest of the group. It's better, but I still do not know if it will be ready for the first minute performance, "the Spanish coach said. Manchester City's first Manchester City goalkeeper, Sergio Aguero, believes this Premier League season will be one of the most exciting in recent years. The Argentine midfielder has played a fantastic semi-season and will surely be the first threat to Alison Becker in a big derby between City and Liverpool, which is played on Itihad. "There is no need for many words. We all know that this match is one of the most important in the season for the two clubs. The direct duel among the top two teams in the table may be the key to the final outcome, but as things stand this season, I think the fight for the title will be battered by the last minute of the championship. This autumn we have a new super-quality and exciting season, which is proof that Premier is the most powerful league in the world, "Aguero says. The big derby of English football is scheduled for Thursday at 21:00, closing the 20th round of the Premier League. Everyone in England wonder if there is a team that can stand on the powerful Liverpool this season. If Manchester City's current champion does not do that, it seems that no one will be able to mend the accounts of Jürgen Klop and the Reds. On January 3, 90 minutes are played on Itihad, which will reveal many things in the current season in the Premier League. "Citizens" will play to reduce the difference between the main competitor for the title of four points, and the team from Anfield to put one hand on the trophy. Liverpool fans surely want to avoid defeat in Manchester, and if they win three points, there is a break in the long-standing post when it comes to the title in the home championship. Pep Guardiola tries in every way to win the war with his rival, so he often uses superlatives in public to describe his game. He says that Klop's players play the most beautiful football in Europe, which is a statement that rarely anyone will confirm. The German coach last season showed that he knows how to play against Guardiola and won three of four in-between duels. Everyone knows the story that Liverpool was the first to be on Christmas in two times and finally missed the title, but this year all the cubes are set to the right place, and a mega racing game against the City comes in the best possible moment.