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Is Ronaldo the Biggest Madrid Mistake By Perez?
There is no doubt that since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Madrid to Italian giants Juventus, Real Madrid are yet to recover from losing Ronaldo. Madrid has pulled lot of surprising defeats this season that they should have ordinarily won without much effort unlike before which is evidence in their position on the La Liga log with no hope of challenging for the trophy against Barca. image It seems Perez letting Ronaldo seems to go down history as the biggest mistake Madrid made in their bit to gradually fizzle out the aging squad. It is quite understabdable that Madrid team needed an overhaul. Well, I wouldn’t blame him for endorsing a $100m transfer for a 33 years old player. How many players can attract such amount of money at that age in the transfer market? image Ronaldo has gone on to prove that Madrid shouldn’t have sold him as he continue to bang goals for his Italian side Juventus and surprisingly, he is the leading goal scorer in Seria A with 14 goals to his name and five assists.before now, I heard a lot of people say that Cristiano Ronaldo always scored against the weaker teams. Now, it is evidence that the weaker teams are monster that stands on the way of the big guys.No Madrid players has manage that figure. In fact Ronaldo has doubled that margin given that the highest goal scorer in Madrid has netted only 7 times this season. this poor run had reduced the firing power at the final third. In as much as I understood Perez to cash in the money and the need to do away with the old players, he shouldn’t have started that with Ronaldo. While some have said Perez sold Ronaldo out of some little misunderstanding as well contributed on why the Portuguese international was not considered for 2018 FIFA world best player but that is not enough reason to risk the clubs fortune. Not only has Madrid lost it lion’s glory when playing other teams, the club sponsorship and sales have started to decline with poor result of the team. The sale of Ronaldo is a major factor that contributed to this. How Madrid is going to cope till the rest of the season is left for time to tell seeing they are out of the champions league place on the table and needs to fight hard to keep their reputation. image However, the remaining men at Madrid have lost their form entirely from Ramos, Marcelo Benzima, Modric etc and are looking less likely to change this but the work is now left on the shoulders of the young players at the club to prove a point.Must find a tangible replacement for Ronaldo even though if it will take another two years to get such person to start scoring at Ronaldo's level and it the situation is not arrested at the final third then we may likely less see Madrid in next year Champions league.