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Valencia Defeat Intensifies The Need For Madrid To Hit The Market Hard
There have been series of rumours and an envisaged big transfer deals as regards Real Madrid in recent times. However, those speculations have been good for the beauty of the media so far and trust me, they will continue to enjoy it as long as Madrid continues in their "mere intentions." Image Source We've been hearing for some time now, the interest of Los Blancos on Chelsea Most Valuable player Eden Hazard and until now, we are yet to see something concrete to that effect from those speculations. Despite the fact that some of these top notch players have shown their delight in signing for the European Champions, No agreements have been reached yet and we are still waiting for something official to calm our nerves. Am not a Madrid fan though, but for the purpose of this blog, permit me to use any pronoun, hahaha... With nothing to lose or you can say Madrid are really playing to win nothing anymore this season, so their 2-1 loss to Valencia is no big deal if I was asked. However, that loss should act as a clarion call for Florentino Perez to act swiftly on Madrid's bid to strengthen the team ahead of next campaign. With the arrival of Zidane after resigning barely a year ago, the French legend has already made plans to hit had on the transfer market, and it will be supportive of Perez if he plays along. Since the departure of Ronaldo to Juventus and of course the resignation of Zidane, the European champions seem to have been swallowed up in all the competitions. Life is indeed a fleeting tour, nothing lasts long. Who would have foreseen such a drastic fall by a team that have gone on to win the Champions league three consecutive times. It's been a calamitous season for Los Blancos, just to put it in light wordings. Knocked out of the Champions league by Ajax, no hope of winning the Spanish league as Barcelona seems to be far ahead of them and not even in the Copa del rey, after being shown the backdoor by their age long arch rivals Barcelona. Though Zidane returned with a somewhat spark and seem to have reinjected motivation into the team by winning his two opening games. However, the 2-1 defeat the team suffered at Mestalla in the hands of Valencia goes a long way to lending credence to Zidane's need for huge signings. They need huge spendings, well, I don't think Madrid will go for substandard goods anyway. They have got the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Eden Hazard and even of recent Manchester United's Paul Pogba on their list. These are not ordinary players, it only means Zidane will have to offload some players in his current to help Madrid raise funds for the big boys. With Julen Lopetegui and Santiago Solari unable to navigate the team out of what crypto enthusiasts may call "bear market," it's time for Perez and the entire Madrid management to be convinced of the demands of Zidane if they must find their way back to dominance. At least they are sure of next season's Champions league qualification now, so they have really got no more time to dull their intentions. Few weeks ago, Mbappe was fined by PSG for showing up late in a conference(I stand to be corrected), I was thinking Madrid will exert pressure on the French starlet by enticing him from his current employers. It was an awesome opportunity. Mbappe has got the youth and pace, the accuracy and skills, and I think that's the product they need. Well, maybe there are some contractual clauses stiffening the process, possibly. I would say the game against Valencia on Wednesday night was Zidane's acid test since his return, and to show how far his once glorious team have waned, they fell flat on their faces. Though he led the team in his two opening games to victory against Celta Vigo and Huesca, Valencia is no ordinary team to allow anyone take them on a ride. Despite making use of some of his most trusted warriors, Valencia knew this particular Madrid team is not the same and were not ready to be fooled by Zidane's presence. He made use of Marcelo in the left back as usual instead of Sergio Reguilon who have proved to be a shinning star under Santiago Solari, however, the Brazilian has lost some of his sparks and will need a little time to get back to full form. Indeed, there is certainly no gainsaying that Madrid need to offload surplus players like Gareth Bale and raise funs to fortify the team ahead of next season. I think that's the primary duty of Zidane now, "fortifying the team." But there is one man who has always survived the tempest, Karem Benzema. With all the team reshuffling from Julen Lopetegui to Solari, Benzema has proved he is not a seasonal player and has stood the test of time. His late header against Valencia yesterday night ensured that the visitors went home with a consolation goal.