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Win 20 SCR: Bolivia Vs Perú⚽️Brasil Vs Venezuela⚽️
Hello friends today I want to bring a fun to live the America Cup 2019, the most important thing is to live the sport and support the team you want and if it is possible to play it in your community as well. Winner of 20 SCR from Japan Vs Chile⚽️⚽️ on this occasion I earn 20 SCR @herbaycity Predicts who won the Bolivia Vs Perú⚽️ match Then choose your Over, Under or Tie (Only one option from the table) and leave it in the comments, you have time up to 1 minute before the match starts. Bolivia: Over: 2; 2.5 Peru: Under: 2; 2.5 Tie 2. Predicts who won the Brasil Vs Venezuela⚽️ match Then choose your Over, Under or tie (Only one option from the table) and leave it in the comments, you have time up to 1 minute before the match starts. Brazil Over: 3 Venezuela Under: 3 Tie. Win 20 SCR for your success This time if you get the two right you take a total of 20 SCR and if you only get in one you get 10 SCR, try your luck, dare After the end of the match, the winners and the respective shipment of the SCR will be mentioned Let the passion of the soccer of the Copa America begin 2019 and luck in its forecasts. Finally, I encourage you to follow me on my blog and, therefore, be one of the first to discover my content of Scorum. On the other hand, I invite you to join the discord to meet other bloggers: LINKS OF INTEREST 1. Brave saves you time on browsing, is 30 times faster compared to Google Grome or Firafox, blocks advertising and is safe because it removes the cookies, download and check on your cell phone or PC 2.Presearch is a Web browser, pay you to navigate on your PC or laptop, download it here: 3. TELE, JOIN THE WORLD's FIRST BLOCKCHAIN MOBILE OPERATOR WITH PRIZES FOR THE TOKEN HOLDER HERE: 4. is an application that processes data in the 2nd plane on your PC or LAPTOP and so you win Boid in the blockchain of EOS 5. Hey, I just downloaded a murmur and it's amazing! Check the application on Playstore gone at or itunes at Use "VIDAFITNESSF " as a reference code and get murmurs! 6. claim free BTC, EOS, TXT, TPT, MEETONE, TRYBE, NDX every day. And earn more by playing fairly fair games of Dice & Crash, with fast payouts and Auto-bet features. 7. Lets you chat safely and transact with friends and family

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