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Coming back to Juventus Stadium (my photos)
After a long time I returned to the stadium, precisely that of Juventus, on the occasion of the home match against Cagliari, won by three goals to one from the hosts. The last game I went to see was last year in the Champions League, Juventus-Tottenham. The atmosphere in the Cup is completely different than the one you breathe in the national league, my favorite team is used too well in the national and consequently its fans, who always claim the maximum from the team led by Mr. Massimiliano Allegri. Juventus fans have always been very critical of their team, trying to close the game as soon as possible is one of the requirements that has always characterized there, in fact the impression is that the team relaxes in the national league, aware of the fact of having much higher quality than the other teams and therefore seem almost confident that, sooner or later, the ball will enter in some way, probably with some play of one of the champions of the team. For some years now the Juventus team has achieved great success thanks to its coach, who seems to better fuel their men after the winter break. A certainly shareable tactic that has led him to arrive in the Champions League final twice since he leads the team. Some time ago, when Juventus was led by Antonio Conte, the players, although of a totally different level from the current one, were running like crazy from the beginning to the end of the season, the former Juventus captain seemed to give an extra boost to the boys who coached, the Bianconeri fans managed to complain anyway. On the other hand, when you support one of the most famous clubs in the world could not be otherwise, you become spoiled and perfectionists, we tend to ask the best in every situation of any game, national or international. There are 111 years of history that crown this team, his champions who have and wear two colors that are opposed to each other and are characterized throughout the world by class and winning mentality for over a hundred years. The list of players and managers who brought the number 1 club in the Italian territory his really long, it is no coincidence that some balon d'or have passed from Turin. For more than twenty years I'm a fan, thanks to the good soul of my father who has inherited his football faith that I carry on with passion for his merit. I still remember the good times when I went to the Delle Alpi stadium as a kid and I think I lost a lot in terms of sight, from the ashes of the latter, however, was born the jewel that now we all know as F.C. Juventus home. In the arena we are really close from the field and from the players, yesterday during the "dead moments" of the game I was delighted to take pictures of the players on the field and some of them on the bench. Having purchased a camera with a very powerful zoom I could not wait to take advantage of it in places like the stadium where the photos taken with the smartphone have never made me very satisfied. So here I tried to do my best to be able to capture some interesting moment. My attention was focused more on CR7 because, if I remember correctly, I had never seen it in live action, a good performance of the Portuguese that hit the post and made an assist on the final of the second half when Cuadrado scoring and put a definitive stone on the result of the match. A real champion, capable to lead the team even in moments when his mates are a little too much confident about their technical abilities, with his personality can spur them to do their best and give everything that is in their possibility. A nice evening with some friends on Curva Nord, passed in serenity and with a raining weather. In this article I made all the photos that you see, I hope you like them, below you can find some more with highlights of the match and some taken at the same stadium. Greetings to all you sports friends, whatever team you are from doesn't matter, sport is sport! See you next article! JOIN CRYPTO RESISTANCE A Discord channel where we share our ideas to improve the experience on Scorum that have a curation program. We are already almost 120 members. If you want to enter this is the link:

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