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Pochettino's comment: 'Champions league schedule, is it fair to both teams?'
Pochettino, who is holding a press conference ahead of the game against Dortmund. One team (Dortmund) prepares for the championship game on Tuesday after playing on Friday, and the other team (Tottenham) goes on a expedition after playing on Saturday. Is that fair? We need help." "I think it's a good chance to make a good record in the Champions League," Pochettino said. "But tomorrow will be a tough match." We have to forget about the game in the first round and take it in a professional manner. As for his attitude toward tomorrow's game, he went on to say, "We will play for victory "I will be aggressive with high tempo from the start," Dortmund said. "The Bundesliga is an excellent team that deserves the top spot." "I will play with players who believe I am the best 11 in tomorrow's game," he said. "I will not send a weak team due to the 3-0 lead." When asked if he believes he can win the Champions League, he said, "We have to think about one step and one step," adding, "What matters now is tomorrow's." "We have faith in ourselves and we think we can win any team if we focus enough and have a game," he added. "The fact that we didn't bring in players in the last two transfer markets does not mean that we don't have any ambition," he said. "We are a very ambitious team and we have a very high goal." It will be very important to do our best for 90 minutes tomorrow. Pochettino also said he didn`t have enough time for the game, saying, "Some teams played Tuesday after the Champions League on Friday, while others played on Saturday and played on Tuesday, which was hard to understand," when we arrived at Dortmund on Monday after playing a league game last Saturday." Asked how he thought he could solve the problem, he said, "I don't know exactly. However, the FA or the league may be able to help us, saying, "It is difficult to answer the question correctly, but we need help." As for the condition of Dele Ali's injury, "I'm not sure yet, but I think I might be able to get back before Southampton as soon as possible."

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