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Ronaldo Wins Yet Another Bragging Right and International Trophy Over Greatest Rival
Image Source It has and is still an unending debate between Cristiano Ronaldo and his greatest rival Lionel Messi, concerning who is the greatest footballer of this generation. The rivalry has been an interesting one over the past several years and it has led to so many opinions and talking points. But before we delve more into this interesting topic, let’s quickly take a look at what happened in Portugal vs Netherlands match. It was the much-anticipated matchup between two great footballing nations hours ago. Portugal locked horn against the Netherlands in the nations league final, a match that had a lot of eyes and talking points due to the teams involved. As the season is over for most of the major leagues, a lot of attention has now been turned to the nations league, and it has proven to be an amazing experience. Portugal who recently won the Euros found themselves in yet another international finals for another chance to bring home an international trophy. It has been an amazing journey for the Portugal national team when it comes to football, and they have proven to be a real force in the footballing world. For Ronaldo, it was yet another international final in a short time and for him and his personal achievements, it was an opportunity to add yet another international trophy to his name and to gain more bragging rights over his greatest rival. Netherlands have been on the rise when it comes to regaining their lost footballing mojo, ever since Koeman took charge of the national team. They are fast growing into becoming a force in world football like they used to be in the past. Knocking out the 3 lions to each the finals was great for them, for an opportunity to win an international trophy after so many years. There are so many great players in this current Netherlands team, but for the Liverpool players in the national team squad, it was another chance for them to add yet another trophy to their name just after winning champions league. Brief Post-Match Analyses It was a very good atmosphere at the Estádio do Dragao Stadium, as supporters were all buzzing with excitements and ready for the battle. Portugal lined up in a 4-3-3 formation, while the Netherlands lined up in a 4-3-3 formation as well. The game began and it was already clear that both teams wanted to stamp their foot in their game and establish authority. As the game progressed, the intensity of the game picked up really fast as both teams had quite a number of chances to score, but it was the Portuguese who broke the deadlock late in the game to end the game victorious. Guedes broke the deadlock for Portugal in the 60th minute, receiving a return pass just outside the box before releasing a powerful strike to give Portugal the nations league trophy. A great victory for the Portuguese national team and yet another international victory for them. This victory for Portugal means that Ronaldo has now added yet another international trophy to his name over his greatest rival. And that is a wrap… What do you think about Ronaldo adding yet another international trophy to his name, over his greatest rival? I would love to read your own opinions… Enjoy your day.