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Scottish premiership:Preview and Prediction
St.Johnstone vs St.Mirren St.Johnstone is standing in the 9th position of the league table of Scottish Premiership with 38 points. In 29 matches, this team won 11 matches, lost 13 matches and 5 draws. For the Scottish Cup it won Hamilton 2:0, and it lost against Celtic 5:0. For the last five matches in the Scottish premiership , this team lost against Hamilton 2:1, and drew with Rangers 0:0 at away. Then lost against Aberdeen 0:2, and it lost against Hibernian 1:2. After that it lost against Livingston 3:1. St.Mirren is standing in the 12th position of the league table with 17 points. In 29 matches , this team won 4 matches, lost 20 matches and 5 draws. For the Scottish Cup, it won Alloa Athletic 3:2, and lost against Dundee 1:2. For the last five of the Scottish premiership , it lost against Motherwell 1:2 , and drew with Aberdeen 2:2 at away. Then it drew with Hearts 1:1 at away too. After that it won Livingston 1:0, and it lost against Kilmarnock 0:1. Head to head For the last five games of both teams, St.Johnstone won five games and lost one game. Please see the statistics below: Contest Rules: -Please comment your predictions before the games start.-If there are more than three winners, the rewards will be shared.-The early five comments will get my votes every day.-The number of goals will count during 90 minutes. Recent Standing: Please predict : -St.Jojnstone draw St.Mirren -over or under 2.5 -Total goals =? -St.Johnstone ?:? St.Mirren I would like to thank all the participants that participate in this contest. And I would like to thank all the sponsors that usually support this contest by voting my posts or adding some scr to the reward pool. Please God bless all contestants and sponsors have a good luck, good health and success in your lives.