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The English Premiership is Hotting up. A Brief Summary of the Top Six
I laughed when I got this as a message yesterday. Just when we thought Liverpool had run away with it they only have gone on to draw to games in a row to leave city and Spurs I might add into the hunt again. So what has happened. Well back at the start of November there was a 13 point gap at the top of the table believe or not and everyone thought it was Man City's title but then Liverpool had an outstanding festive period and city dropped a few points. City are still in all competitions so this may be the difference but there are still 13 games left and nowadays there are no easy opponents. Anything could happen. De Bruyne is still far from his best at city so when he comes good then they will be the same force as last year. Liverpool lost Clyne to Bournemouth which was a costly mistake to make when Arnold got injured in a pre match and is out for a month. What was the point of Klopp letting him go mid season. Now he lacks cover in that position and Milner had to go back and cover. Not ideal. Nobody is giving Spurs a chance and on their day they can beat both the top two. When Kane and Ali come back we may see a title push. They are scraping the wins without them which is good to see but may not have a squad big enough to compete in the champions league and the premiership. It will be an interesting couple of months. Meanwhile Chelsea , Arsenal and Utd will compete for a spot in the champions league. I can't see Arsenal competing. Emery needs his own players in. Utd are on cloud nine in happyville with their lovely new boss. But when things go wrong I do not think Ole is the long term solution. His tactics have actually been excellent splitting the strikers against Spurs and starting big Romelo against Arsenal on the right. If they beat PSG (without Neymar) he will have a great chance keeping his job. Meanwhile Chelsea are soul-less as usual with the players and manager at loggerheads. With teachers pet Higuain in the door it may change things for the chain smoking Sarri. He scored 33 goals for him at Napoli and you can see that Hazard and the prolific striker are linking up well already but I still reckon city are going to stuff them by a cricket score. David Luiz just cannot defend against elite strikers like Aguero. I am not a big fan of Chelsea so I watch this game with glee at city going for the jugular.

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