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Last Man Standing Contest
It is that time again when we are accepting entries into the next Last Man Standing Contest which begins this Saturday at 3pm. ### Rules The aim of the contest is to predict a winning team in the English premiership football league. * If the team that you select wins then you are through to the next week where you will have to pick another team.* If your team that you select loses or draws then you are **OUT** The winner of the competition is the last player to survive. ### Easy Right? If you predict a team and the team wins then you are through to the next week. Now here is the catch . You CANNOT pick the same team twice. So if you go for the best teams earlier in the competition you will start having problems in week 5 or 6 and then it gets interesting. ### How To Enter Simples. * Just pick a team from the fixture list below that you think will win. (Don't worry if you are from the back arse of nowhere and you don't know what a football is). Some previous winners didn't have a clue about the beautiful game and even won the contest. * Simply upvote the post (doesn't have to be 100%. You only have to do this once for the entire competition.) * Give me a follow to ensure you don't miss the update on Monday. * Leave a comment with your team name. * If you are not in you can't win. * It's a bit of fun and the more the merrier. Tell your friends. . ### Prize I am upping the prize fund for this competition to **20 SCR** to the winner. If some nice whaley loves football and decides to upvote this post then I will add it to the prize pool. Every Monday I will post the results and reveal the victims that are knocked out after the games have been played. I will also post the fixture list for the winners to pick their next team. ## Fixtures So just choose ONE team from below that you think will win and leave that team in the comments. I look forward to your entry. Deadline is Saturday at 1pm as the games start at 3pm. Any questions just leave a comment.