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President of Juventus, Ronaldo is a superhero
Image Source Juventus president Andrea Agnelli confirmed that the decision to bring Cristiano Ronaldo was right. Agnelli calls Ronaldo a superhero and can provide a lot of value for Serie A. Juventus surprisingly brought Ronaldo from Real Madrid at the start of the 2018/19 season. Juve must spend no less than 100 million euros to be able to get the services of the 33-year-old player. In fact, Agnelli claimed that Ronaldo had a big impact. not only for Juventus, but also for Italian football in general. Ronaldo is accused of raping a woman, this is a response Image Source "In terms of football, we have an awareness that by recognizing Ronaldo's side, we add value to ourselves. from a marketing point of view, Ronaldo facilitated the distribution of our brands around the world. "Children all over the world want to see superheroes, and he is one of them," Agnelli Calciomercato quoted. Ronaldo's rape allegations against a woman named Kathyrn Mayorga made the reputation of the five-time world best player in Las Vegas in 2009 at stake. Ronaldo also denied the accusation and was reportedly ready to undergo an examination by the police. Hearing this, Agnelli gave support and defense to Ronaldo. Agnelli ensured that Juventus's view of his star player would not change and he continued to provide support for Ronaldo. "Even commercially, Ronaldo has influence throughout the world. However, Juve is not just Ronaldo. We are collective and CR7 is the fruit of something we build step by step with patience, intelligence, and more, "Agnelli said. Ronaldo has made 4 goals and 4 assists from 8 Serie A matches. The 33-year-old footballer also performed beautifully so Juve can top the standings by collecting 24 points, and helped Juventus to a 100 percent victory in 10 matches in all competitions.