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FIFA Women's World Cup Italy Women v China Women Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
As the world cup tournament for the Women get halved thanks to the end of the group stages, another knock-out session is poised to begin. The round of 16 is here and the teams have settled down to it quite nicely. With teams such as Nigeria, Cameroon, and illustrious Brazil already out of the competition and others such as France and Germany progressing even further, the room is further open for the remaining teams to make it through. A loss here could end the entire hopes of the country and could see them eliminated from the competition for good. This would surely be on the minds of the players from Italy and China as they meet in the Stade de la Mosson on Tuesday. Source Italy Italy started out really brilliantly. With two wins in their bag from Australia and Jamaica, they would very well be forgiven for not winning their last game against Brazil. Their efforts have handed them a big tie against China who would be gunning for victory. Most competition like this one would usually come down to the barest difference. It is clear then that to get the desired results, focus and a whole lot of determination if Italy is to progress. They should not expect any favors from China, their opponent. China China has come a long way in this tournament. After surviving in a group which also included Germany and Spain is certainly an impressive thing to do. However, the job certainly won't become easier. A match against Italy ensures that they are kept firmly on their toes. China is in new territory and making it this far might even be considered to be a successful tournament. However, both people or teams in tournaments would dream of going as far as they can. One thing which can help both teams in their quest would be their form. Source Form Four wins. Two losses. That has been the story for Italy so far. It’s been a good six recent games and they look ready to go even further. They would look back at the matches which they have had issues with and would seek to change the outcome in this one. They have got only one shot to take and they have to get it right. A win could take them to the quarterfinals of the competition. For China, things are not looking very rosy when it comes to the form. Just a win against South Africa in this competition has ensured that they have just two wins in their last six matches. They would surely not make it far on this form. However, a good win could change everything for this team and probably make them the dark horses of this tournament. All they have to do is to win Italy. This is surely easier said than done. Source Regardless of who gets that win, it would be clear that this game would be an exceptional game especially for the neutrals and those passionate about the game.