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The astronomical gap between what football players earn on weekly basis or per annum and what the average person out there on the street gets can be said to be unreasonable. If one will even look at the relationship between players and the good public out there, one can say that that there is nothing special or great right now. Reports coming out from Spain is that Real Madrid football club is relinquishing its quest for the purchase of Eden Hazard, instead it is going after his fellow team mate Williams who's asking price is £70 million so far. In recent times lots of money can be said to be involved when transfers of seemingly top players in the almighty European football clubs. The reasons behind this hike may be numerous for the clubs. I and quite a lot of football enthusiasts out there have debated hours without end why the prices of football athletes continue to escalate. The answer to that can only come from the clubs and the super stars themselves. In one of my post on this platform i have written about the interest Real Madrid had on wanting to purchase Eden Hazard from Chelsea football club of England. Unfortunately, Chelsea is asking Real Madrid to pay a whooping £200 million before it will agree to relinquish the midfielder to Real Madrid or any other club who may be interested in him. It will be remembered that Neymar was purchased with the same amount by PSG last year from Barcelona FC which is what exactly what the Stanford Bridge club is asking for. However Real Madrid thinks that the price tag is on the high side for a player who is already 27 years old. For this reason, Real Madrid is substituting Hazard with Williams who for some time has expressed his desire to leave Chelsea FC. Interestingly, Real Madrid had earlier shown interest in another team mate, the goal keeper of Chelsea Courtois, a fellow Belgian as Hazard. But it appears that Courtois and Real Madrid have not settled on his weekly stipends. Other clubs that have shown interest in Williams are Chelsea's EPL rival Manchester United and Spanish club side Barcelona FC. However, Barcelona had already bidder for and purchased another Brazilian player Malcom who plays for Bordeaux in France when Chelsea refused to sell Williams to Barcelona after 3 unsuccessful attempts. Since Barcelona is out of the picture i think Real Madrid may be able to purchase Williams for the amount Chelsea is asking for, and probably have an amicable settlement with Courtois. The slight obstacle on its way however is Manchester United, who has bidder for the Brazilian player before and is still interested. The question is, was Real Madrid right for not going ahead to purchase Eden Hazard for that astronomical amount of Pound Starling? Is Eden Hazard worth that kind of money? Can he be said to be on the same pedestal with the likes of Neymar? Is it right for club sides to put price tags such that it sounds like blue murder when one gets to hear about it? Are fans around the world really stupid? I think not. If for example there are too many average millionaires to be seen around by the fans, that will be a different thing entirely. Sadly millionaires are seen only on isolated bases around. I am sure fans can readily forgive some football stars the money they get if they really earn it, unfortunately too many of them don't. The painful thing is that some mega stars dont even care to remove their headphones and give their fans a smile when then fans lined up to wave and shout their names when they get off from the bus after or before training sessions. What do you think if. You have something to say regarding this issue, please do so at the comment section. Thank you for stopping by.

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