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Practice Or Fortunately !
We should know that Champions league is running now.In the last day a match was happened between PSV Vs Barcelona.On that Match Barcelona won the match.Barcelona won the match with 2-1 goals.After won this match Barcelona has benn confirmed that they are in top sixteen of the Champions league. L. De Jong scored the only goal for PSV.On the other hand Messi scored the first goal for Barcelona.Also G.Pique scored the second goal for Barcelona.But the second goal was very strange.Nobody expected the goal from Barcelona on that moment.So,it's clear that the goal was the unexpected goal for Barcelona. The goal has been done by G.Pique on the 70" of the match.Barcelona got a free kick on the left side of the box.G.Pique was standing on the inside of PSV box.Messi hit the ball with a low shot.Then G.Pique turned the ball direction to the goal by his leg.People are surprised by the goal.Because that was so hard to scored a goal from the distance.Did Messi hit the ball to G.Pique's direction or it's unexpectedly done by Messi? The debate started when G.Pique replied the question.Because G.Pique said that "There was no unexpected thing happened on the match.Also Messi didn't done that unexpectedly.Messi hit the ball to my direction to scored the goal.We have so many practiced to scored this type of goals" But the Spanish Media proved that G.Pique has been provide wrong information.Because Messi replied the same the same question to the Spanish Media.But Messi didn't agreed with his teammates G.Pique.Because Messi replied that "My teammates G.Pique has been provide some wrong information.There is no such practice we have ever done.The free kick was so bad.Fortunately G.Pique was standing there and the goal was unexpectedly done him" Here is the video of the goal : {We have a Discord Server (ScorumBD) for you.We will very happy to see you there.Thank You} Join ScorumBD Discord Server Now